Despite losing MisteM's men showed plenty of fight

ATK fall valiantly

The NA side showed some positive signs, but it wasn't quite enough against their European opponents.

ATK come into ESL Pro League looking to cause some damage. Fielding Aleksandar "CacaNito" Kjulukoski as a stand-in for the event there were high hopes the North Macedonian star could help propel the team to some upset victories. Unfortunately the side fell just short against ENCE after a slow start on map one.

Map one was be ATK's pick of Anubis. ENCE had failed to win any of their previous five matches on the Egyptian themed map. However, ENCE powered to a 9-0 lead on their T side. ATK shook off the nerves and managed to recover towards the end of the half, winning five of the last six rounds to bring the scoreline to a respectable 5-10. ENCE closed out map one with a comfortable 16-6 scoreline as ATK failed to break through the defense.

Things started off a lot better for the NA team on Vertigo, despite it being the pick of ENCE, as the team found themselves in a 4-1 lead. However, at 6-2 up the team slipped up against a pistol buy and allowed ENCE to work back into the half finishing with a 8-7 score still marginally in favor of ATK. A Michael 'Swisher' Schmid 1v2 gave ATK a 10-9 lead in a closely fought contest, but the NA side came out on top as they closed it out 16-14.

Ancient started off as another close game, with ENCE taking a 6-3 lead, but ATK managed to keep within touching distance throughout. After trading rounds back and forth the first half ended with a slight advantage for ENCE at 9-6. After losing the opening two rounds, ATK managed to convert their first gun round and were looking good to bring it back until they lost to another pistol round. After that, things spiralled out of control and ATK fell 9-16, losing the series 2-1.

1 - 2
All maps
ATK K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Michael 'Swisher' Schmid 56 - 60 -4 83.5 72.7% 1.05
Jonathan 'b0denmaster' Bodenmalm 49 - 54 -5 72.3 66.2% 0.97
Gareth 'MisteM' Ries 52 - 55 -3 65.9 62.3% 0.92
Aleksandar 'CacaNito' Kjulukoski 40 - 61 -21 74.4 59.7% 0.78
Canada Jonathan 'djay' Dallal 33 - 51 -18 46.5 67.5% 0.69
ENCE K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Guy 'NertZ' Iluz 64 - 47 +17 86.0 74.0% 1.31
Pavle 'Maden' Bošković 64 - 50 +14 92.5 75.3% 1.25
Paweł 'dycha' Dycha 50 - 42 +8 80.8 81.8% 1.24
Alvaro 'SunPayus' Garcia 58 - 42 +16 69.8 75.3% 1.20
Denmark Marco 'Snappi' Pfeiffer 43 - 51 -8 72.3 77.9% 1.02

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#1(With 1 replies)
March 15, 2023 10:02PM
I knew it was going to be ATK vs Liquid on day 2!
#2(With 0 replies)
March 16, 2023 09:30AM
Why would you jinx us then man
#3(With 0 replies)
March 16, 2023 09:52AM
hope they can at least get a series win in pro league
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