It's time for NA to get more reps in

Complexity head back to Europe

The North American squad are getting some reps in before they go to the RMR.

Complexity, just days after talking about their extensive travel so far this year, are taking even more trips as they head back to Europe in order to get more practice in before taking part in the BLAST Premier Americas Spring Showdown.

The team flew out late yesterday from all over to head to Serbia, where the team is planning to spend approximately 10 days in a vicious bootcamp to prepare for their next events, especially the Paris Major Americas RMR that is taking place in Monterrey, Mexico in less than a month.

The Dallas Cowboys-owned team are looking to right the wrongs of the IEM Rio Major Americas RMR that happened last fall where they started out 2-0, but disappointingly fell to Liquid and 00 Nation en route to losing the final qualification match to Imperial.

In the upcoming Showdown qualification Complexity will have to face off against the cream of the crop in North America and in the RMR they will face a tough task on LAN against the best from the Americas region.

Coming from a disappointing ESL Pro League where the squad only managed to win against Imperial while falling to BIG twice and losing to Movistar Riders, the squad got a much-needed break for a week back home but are now back in the saddle as they head into a high pressured April and May.

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