BTL’s STL LAN takes place this weekend

For the first time this year, NA teams have a notable domestic LAN to prove their worth.

The St. Louis-based LAN dubbed the “Arch Championship Series” is set to begin this weekend. Hosted by tournament organizer Between the Lines, the two-day event will pit attending teams against one another inside double-elimination BO3 group action before the four-team playoffs leads up to the championship stage.

In its current format, the ten attendees will be split into groups of five, competing against one another to determine the top two teams in each group. Those four teams will advance to the playoff bracket, competing in a single-elimination BO3 format to determine the winner of the Arch Chanpionship Series.

The domestic LAN will serve as a rare two-day opportunity for interested parties to prove their worth in the scene, with notable Advanced teams 7AM NA, REIGN, and X13 looking to stake their claim as a top dog in their echelon of play and take the lions share of the $2,000 prize pool.

Between the Lines owner Matthew Meier had words of optimism to share about his organization’s upcoming LAN event, more specifically praising the effort and communication of the attending teams, stating “the ten teams that have signed up have been very responsive and supportive.”

With just a few days before the action kicks off this Saturday, March 18th, interested teams have time to sign up for the tournament at a cost of $450.

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