Rank S Recap - cxzi is back; Eric sits at the top of Rank G once again

Ties continue to pile up during the player break, but cxzi is still able to return to his winning ways.

The last week of Rank S before the major has come to a close with Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk grabbing another win. Meanwhile, "Eric" put up another 100+ point week in Rank G. 

The top ten for the past week of Rank S is as follows:

Rank  Name Prize
1. United States  Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk $1000
2. United States Bryce "PureR" Lovell $533.33
2. Canada Sean "Inseaniac" Morrison         $533.33
2. United States Jason "neptune" Tran $533.33
5. Canada Alfonso "krZ" Fiorani $200.00
5. Canada Chad "Oderus" Miller $200.00
7. United States  Joshua "KiiroKami" Kim  
8. United States Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert  
8. United States Peter "ptr" Gurney  
8. Canada Anthony "gMd" Guimond  

The full standings are available here.

While cxzi was able to win the first place prize outright with 30 points, there was a three way tie for second with his Dogs of War teammate Bryce "PureR" Lovell sharing second  place with Sean "Inseaniac" Morrison and  Jason "neptune" Tran, all sitting on 18 points. Rounding out the top five is another tie, this time between Alfonso "krZ" Fiorani and Chad "Oderus" Miller as the two Canadians split the fifth place prize. 

Once again there are no changes in the top ten earners from Rank S in 2019 as cxzi increases the gap between himself and second place. Elsewhere, PureR inches closer to the top ten, jumping into the eighteenth spot while Oderus got his name in the game with his first top five placement of 2019. 

Rank  Change  Name Total
1. - United States Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk $12,381.66
2. - United States Jeff "RZU" Ngo $10,699.16
3. - United States Peter "ptr" Gurney $7,609.52
4. - United States Derek "desi" Branchen $7,191.66
5. - Canada Derrick "LILMAN" Boyne $6,569.58
6. - United States Chris "Slash" Petersen $6,347.89
7. - United States Ian "tex" Botsch $5,658.33
8. - United States Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue $5,520.00
9. - United States Jake "kaboose" McDonald $3,957.48
10. - United States Caleb "opportunity" Davis      $3,830.36

Meanwhile in Rank G, with one of last weeks winners Khizar "MoMo" Rehman receiving a malicious activity ban by ESEA earlier this week, Eric was able to reclaim his number one spot with a 106 point week. Twenty points behind him was a tie for second as Jet "jet-" Gao and Carlos "maazy" Bandle both ended the week on 86 points to round out the top three. Further down the rankings, PureR was  able to add onto his Rank S winnings with a fifth place finish in Rank G.

Rank  Name Prize
1. United States "Eric" $1,000.00
2. United States Jet "jet-" Gao $387.50
2. United States Carlos "maazy" Bandle $387.50
4. United States Amine "dopamine" Hamzic $250.00
5. United States Bryce "PureR" Lovell $225.00
6. United States Derek "desi" Branchen $200.00
7. Canada Ryan "shanks" Ngo $175.00
8. United States Muhtadi "b0ssy"  Irq $137.50
8. United States Dylan "Hiki" O'Kane $137.50
10. United States Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk $33.33
10. United States Paytyn "Junior" Johnson $33.33
10. United States Jason "jmoh" Mohandessi $33.33

The full standings are available here.

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