seb and his team beat Bushido Boyz to secure the first place.

New Identity win Fragadelphia 13 Online

New Identity and Bushido Boyz will have free entries into the main event.

The online tournament preceding Fragadelphia 13 has finished, with New Identity coming out on top in dominant fashion. Following a quick 3-0 sweep over Bushido Boyz, Relyks & co. earn the first reward, which covers their travel and entry expenses for the main event.

After ATK forfeited their lower bracket final match due to scheduling conflicts with ECS Pinnacle Cup qualifiers, it was Bushido Boyz who proceeded to meet New Identity in the tournament's final. Since New Identity came from the upper bracket, they had a one map advantage going into the Best of 5 final. After a solid showing on the T-side of Nuke for Bushido Boyz, they couldn't win a single round on the CT-side and lost the first map 16-6.

The second and eventual last map was Inferno, which started with New Identity on the T-side. Inferno was the same story as Nuke, as Bushido Boyz barely managed to scrape seven rounds before falling to Collin "wrath" McSweegan's New Identity and losing the Grand Final 3-0.

The top eight teams of the tournament are:

    1. United States New Identity  - $1,250 in travel/entry expenses
    2. United States Bushido Boyz  - $600 in entry fees
    3.  ATK
    4.  InFinity
5-6. United States Main AWP
5-6. United States J Money Team
7-8. United States nTice
7-8. United States RBG

The full bracket can be seen here.

It is worth mentioning that the teams' online placement will be considered when seeding the offline event.

Fragadelphia 13 will run from the 13th to 15th of September in Huntington Beach,  California and will boast a $35,000 prize pool. Registration for the main event is still open and you can do it here.

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