Vorborg is playing a crucial role in the new era for EG

Vorborg: "We are constantly heading in the right direction"

Despite losing against Heroic, the team has been showing growth all around.

After winning the first map against Heroic, 16-9 on Nuke, Evil Geniuses coach Daniel 'Vorborg' Vorborg talked with James Banks about the team's performance on that map, the strategy coming into the series, and the direction EG is heading.

That was one hell of a way to end it. That call that came through, catching them off-guard, and just exploding on them, it did feel like you were in their heads for most of that game.

We had a great start, we talked a lot about the fact that we have been slow starters in the first two BO3s we have had, and today that's where the focus was, and today we lost the pistol, yeah, but we couldn't have started any harder than we did today.

How did it look going into the game? I spoke to neaLaN, to wiz, they were talking about the focus, they said that they had a good read of what would be happening here, and there is plenty of data around Heroic. How much did that play into it?

I think on Nuke specifically, it has been a while since they played with their full five. The last time they played Nuke was at the BLAST World Finals at the end of last year but that was without stavn, which is a huge piece for them. We had some ideas on how they used to play, but we also knew that in the off-season they could have changed everything, so mostly we focused on ourselves, talking about how we wanted to react if they do the things we expect but mostly we tried to play super solid and react as a team.

And how much did your Nuke change? Because when we look back at your previous couple of games in the last few months, you lost to 9z, to IHC. It wasn't looking like a great map coming into this.

I think we also banned it quite a bit in the second rotation, at this event, but we worked a lot. I think we changed our entire T side and also changed spots in our CT side, so it's basically a whole new map for us.

And it seems like we have a whole new EG. Is that how it feels?

Definitely. We are on the right track. For me, I don't want to say we are a top 5 team in the world, for us is just about building. We are constantly heading in the right direction and I'm really hopeful for the future.

HexT told me the last time around, in the previous game against Vitality he didn't have the energy and wasn't feeling so good. Well, this time he was shouting them down and they didn't seem to shout anything back. You are going to keep that going?

It's always hard to shout back if you don't win too many rounds, so as long as we keep winning, I think we are going to win the shouting battle as well.

Despite winning Nuke, Evil Geniuses fell to Heroic and went down to the Knockout Stage, where they will face Complexity in an NA derby on Friday at 09:00AM. The winner will still play one more game to try to reach the Spring Finals directly, whereas the loser will go straight into Spring Showdown.

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January 25, 2023 12:29PM
Hopefully they can continue the momentum!
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