Stylin as the kid was a crucial player in EG's victories today.

HexT on the failed defuse: "I got super excited and then went, oh, wait, we lost. All good."

The young star powered EG to victory today over a dominant Danish team.

After Evil Geniuses miraculously overcame Heroic in a vicious best-of-three battle to open up the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, James Banks spoke with Jadan "HexT" Postma for an interview, where he asked about that second to last round, the inclusion of wiz, and how the team is progressing off of this win.

HexT, that was one hell of a game. Lets just start with that round that you should have won but didn't win. A bit of miscommunication? A bit overhyped?

Because I died, I should have called who had kits and I didn't. I got super excited and then went, oh, wait, we lost. All good.

You have a right to be excited. This is the biggest win that EG have had in a long time. What was starting to go well for you guys because after the first map we thought you were down and out.

To me, I think it's the role change between autimatic and I. I think it suits him being in the pack more and it allows me to be more solo and just kind of work on me. Jerric just being a more passive AWPer really allows us to work picks with the rifles and makes the rifles move, rather than the AWP.

And what can you say about wiz and his first foray into the Tier 1 scene, into this game? The first game he started to show some nerves, but looked more comfortable after that.

Yeah, he did a pretty good job on his debut. Nothing really much more that you could ask. I mean, we won, so. I would say that its a pretty solid game. The first game was just nerves, though and we just had to feel each other out and everything was all good after that.

And you were certainly bringing some of this NA hype because I was hearing your voice from all the way on the other side of the room here. You shouting down the opposition, you finding that confidence now?

I do that just to hype up the team really. I don't mean any disrespect by it to the other team, so if they do take that to heart I'm sorry. Not really my fault. I think it's fun for me, it gets me hyped, it gets the team hyped, and gets the energy flowing.

It was already said by Vorborg that this will be the best season that EG have shown. With this result you've done it, but we got more to see from you guys?

Yeah, I hope so.

Evil Geniuses would go onto win their match and await the victor of Astralis v. Vitality for their matchup on Saturday at 09:30AM.

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