The Argentine coach is reassessing his goals for 2023

LOS + oNe see 4th coaching change in 2022

lokomotioN is the fourth coach to exit the club in a single calendar year.

LOS + oNe's Argentine head coach, Joaquin "lokomotioN" Abasolo, has announced his departure from the Brazilian lineup after electing to not renew the organization. lokomotioN's departure the organization marks the end of a short four month tenure with the Las Vegas-based squad.

lokomotioN had initially joined oNe on August 15th alongside Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa prior to the organization's merger with Los Grandes in late September. During his time with the team, lokomotioN helped lead the squad to two semifinals appearances in ESL Challenger League along with a fairly underwhelming showing at the IEM Rio Americas RMR. During the end of his tenure with the team in early December, lokomotioN was absent from the server due to a personal matter requiring him to go to Europe. In his place, the team's analyst, Nicolás "guishx" Rovira filled in for the squad for LOS + oNe's final matches in ECL S43 and CCT NA Series 2.

Regarding his departure from the squad, lokomotioN told that he enjoyed coaching the squad however he felt it was time for a change of scenery and to reassess his goals for 2023. lokomotioN's departure from the club continues a long period of instability for the Brazilian team's coaching staff, seeing four coaches come and go in 2022.

LOS + oNe are now:

  • Brazil Pedro "Maluk3" Campos

  • Brazil Matheus "pesadelo" Panisset

  • Brazil Alencar "trk" Rossato

  • Brazil Victor "iDk" Torraca

  • Guatemala Mario "malbsMd" Samoya

  • Nicolás "guishx" Rovira (Analyst)

LOS + oNe will now be on the lookout for a new coach ahead of the start of the 2023 season.

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