stikle- has found an American assistant for the Major

Bad News Eagles enlist NA analyst for Rio

The Kosovar team have found a replacement analyst to assist with Rio.

After Bad News Eagles advanced out of IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage with a 3-0 record, the team's coach, Klesti "stikle-" Kola, announced that the Kosovar team has been receiving support from an unusual NA source over the past few months in the form of current Limitless analyst Ashlynn "Valkenn" Brady. Her assistance is likely greatly appreciated by the fan-favorite team as their current assistant coach, Kieran "KayJay" Playfair, has been unavailable due to personal matters.

The addition of Valkenn as a temporary stand-in makes more sense when you consider the long-term relationship between her and KayJay as they previously worked together on multiple teams including ONET4P and X13. She also has some international connections via her previous work with

While Valkenn isn't a household name in the NA scene or abroad, she is well regarded by a number of players and talents. At Fragadelphia 17, Limitless' IGL, Bobby "stamina" Eitrem, described her as having "genius-level anti-strating and analytical work" that is worth a "tier one contract".

Her help will be needed moving forward as Bad News Eagles started off the Legends Stage with a 0-1 record following an opening 16-8 loss to Spirit on Ancient.

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