NVS (Right) was one the silent workhorses that kept Fragadelphia running

NVS set to leave NSG and FRAG

NVS has kept Fragadelphia running smoothly for many years.

Edward "NVS" Nieves has announced that November 8th will be last day with Nerd Street Gamers, the company that owns and operates integral NA tournament series Fragadelphia. NVS had climbed through the ranks of Nerd Street Gamers to become the TO's Senior Manager and then Director of Esports Operations, a position that put Ed at the center of Fragadelphia's triumphant return to LAN post-COVID.

During this time Fragadelphia undertook a number of key changes to further ingrain itself in the scene, notably starting the FRAG circuit and increasing the prizepool to a staggering $100k, a move which brought a large number of EU teams to compete against NA's local hopefuls.

As the man behind the magic of a both local and national FRAG events, NVS was often seen perched behind a computer or running around a laptop, helping players deal with forgetting their Steam passwords and locking out the entire venue (Yes this happened more than once), helping input scores, or resolving any issues as they came up.

To editorialize a bit, NVS was always someone worth talking to at events when he wasn't keeping them running, as a person with an immense knowledge of the scene and what he felt it needed to recover from the dark years of COVID-19 and VALORANT.

It is currently unknown what is next for NVS and whether esports is in his future, but everyone at Dust2.us wishes him the best on the next step of his journey.

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