Jonji's energy and enthusiam was a key factor in allowing EG.PA to move past BIG Academy


Despite a little bit of trouble, EG.PA have secured a victory on home turf.

In a grueling three-map affair, EG.PA have bested German visitors BIG Academy in the grand finals of Fragadelphia 17, continuing the streak of European squads being denied a Fragadelphia victory for the second time in a row. This result is a boon for EG.PA, who are coming off the back of a last-place result at ESL Challenger Melbourne.

EG.PA's pick of Nuke is where the two squads met, and things immediately became hectic as the first four rounds were traded back-and-forth between the two squads. In the end, EG.PA benefitted the most from these trades, breaking BIG Academy's economy on the defense to propel themselves to an 11-4 half. The second half was not as kind to EG.PA initially, as BIG Academy not only snagged the second pistol round, but also put up a seven-round streak that saw the game tie 11-11. EG.PA composed themselves and shut out the Germans for the remaining five rounds to lock down their pick 16-11, sending the series to Vertigo.

BIG Academy netted themselves a nice start on their pick of Vertigo, snatching the first pistol round and subsequently converting that into a three-round lead. Once guns were in the hands of both teams, EG.PA shut down the German's offense to tie up the scoreline 3-3. The two sides once again traded rounds before BIG Academy got a firm grasp on the map, marching all the way to nine rounds to secure a lead into the second half. EG.PA managed to scrape together the two final rounds to narrow BIG Academy's lead to 9-6 as the North Americans switched to the offense. Unfortunately, EG.PA were outclassed on the T-side, as BIG Academy posted a flawless defense to secure their pick 16-6, sending the series to Mirage.

EG.PA started off Mirage on the right foot by snagging the first pistol round on the defense, using that momentum to post an early three-round lead before BIG Academy started gathering rounds of their own. BIG Academy put up two rounds to bring things close, but dropped the ball on an anti-eco, as EG.PA cut off their streak without a single rifle in play. Despite this heroic round, BIG Academy was undeterred, and the half remained highly contested. As the half neared its end, EG.PA started to get revitalized, as the team regained the lead, finishing the half with a 9-6 scoreline.

EG.PA dropped the second pistol round, but a force buy on the second round netted them their first round of the half, and a double-digit scoreline to boot. BIG Academy's economy suffered significantly as a result, allowing EG.PA to snag a few rounds before BIG Academy's finances allowed them to respond with two rounds of their own. This brief interruption didn't stop EG.PA's momentum, as the North Americans' offense proved to be too much for the academy squad to handle, as EG.PA closed out the map 16-9, finally putting an end to the lengthy series.

EG White
2 - 1
BIG Academy
All maps
EG White K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Josh 'PwnAlone' Pigue 51 - 49 +2 74.4 71.6% 1.08
Canada Jonathan 'Jonji' Carey 59 - 56 +3 82.0 56.8% 1.05
Canada Jonathan 'djay' Dallal 46 - 53 -7 69.7 71.6% 0.95
United States Ben 'ben1337' Smith 46 - 53 -7 74.5 64.9% 0.94
United States Wesley 'viz' Harris 44 - 52 -8 67.7 67.6% 0.91
BIG Academy K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Elias 's1n' Stein 71 - 52 +19 109.2 75.7% 1.47
David 'prosus' Hesse 65 - 48 +17 91.4 82.4% 1.37
Tom 'skyye' Hagedorn 44 - 46 -2 64.5 71.6% 1.01
Marcel 'hyped' Köhn 41 - 48 -7 50.6 71.6% 0.91
Nico 'Aqua' Kembitzky 42 - 53 -11 66.3 63.5% 0.85

This win draws the four days of Fragadelphia 17 competition to a close. We hope you enjoyed' coverage throughout the event! Expect to see more content from the event throughout the week!

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Was there every any doubt lets be honest
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Ez win
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NA on top!
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