KSCERATO was able to maintain his form from yesterday's match

Brazilian panthers take down the Riders

FURIA is looking very strong early on in this ESL Pro League iteration.

The second game of the day came with FURIA facing the Spanish phenomenon Movistar Riders. The Brazilians entered the server looking to continue with the level of performance they showed yesterday on Inferno against Eternal Fire, and the Riders were looking to find their first win after falling to Liquid on day one.

The #5 team in the world, according to HLTV, wanted to tame the panthers in the first-ever series between these two teams, but FURIA wanted to show why they should still be considered the best team in SA.

The series started on Ancient, picked by the Spanish. FURIA took advantage of the CT-side nature of the map and put together an incredible 15-0 half, with the Riders not able to produce many offensive opportunities in their most efficient map from the active map pool, until today.

Movistar finally got their first round of the game with the CT-side pistol round. The team wasn't giving up on this game despite the scoreboard, but the loss was inevitable. In the end, the Spanish were only able to win three rounds against FURIA's 16.

Nuke was the second map, picked by the Brazilians, but it was very much favorable for Movistar Riders, as it was the team's second-best map, with five wins in the last seven Nuke matches. The first half couldn't have been closer, with both teams going back and forth ending the half 8-7 in favor of the Spanish armada.

The second half saw Movistar winning the T-side pistol round, propelling them to a five round win streak. FURIA went on to replicate and one-up their opposition, tying the game up 13-13. From there, the Brazilians never looked back and closed the map 16-13, winning the series.

The FURIA squad took the second win in two games and is looking poised to take the top step of Group D. Tomorrow, the panthers will take on Liquid at 01:30PM.

Movistar Riders
0 - 2
All maps
Movistar Riders K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Antonio 'Martinez' Martinez 41 - 36 +5 94.1 66.7% 1.17
David 'dav1g' Granado Bermudo 30 - 38 -8 62.5 62.5% 0.86
Alejandro 'alex' Masanet 24 - 34 -10 58.2 62.5% 0.79
Raúl 'DeathZz' Jordán Nieto 23 - 36 -13 64.6 52.1% 0.71
Alejandro 'mopoz' Fernández-Quejo Cano 18 - 37 -19 51.2 56.2% 0.61
FURIA K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Brazil Kaike 'KSCERATO' Cerato 52 - 20 +32 105.3 83.3% 1.73
Brazil Rafael 'saffee' Costa 38 - 28 +10 82.3 68.8% 1.18
Brazil Yuri 'yuurih' Santos 34 - 32 +2 82.8 75.0% 1.17
Brazil Andrei 'arT' Piovezan 35 - 34 +1 85.1 66.7% 1.08
Brazil André 'drop' Abreu 22 - 23 -1 47.1 79.2% 0.97

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