FURIA look to continue winning against Movistar Riders tomorrow

FURIA put out Eternal Fire

FURIA have started off their Pro League season 16 campaign with a bang, taking down Eternal Fire.

The Turkish super team put up a fight but in the end were no match for the Brazilian titans who took down Ismailcan "XANTARES" Dörtkardeş and company on the final map of Inferno. FURIA looked fantastic after a slightly shaky start to Nuke, converting some hard-fought rounds with beautiful clutches that Eternal Fire could do nothing to stop. Eternal Fire didn't give up though, clawing back on Vertigo to force overtime and then a third map. In the end though, nothing could be done to stop FURIA from winning.

It all started on Nuke with the very first round being a vintage XANATRES clutch on the glock. From there things clicked for the CT-sided Eternal Fire who had come out swinging, they then proceeded to do something that is not that common on the usually CT-sided map. They won the half on T-side. It was not a dominant half, with both sides fighting back and forth but when the dust settled at half-time EF were up 8-7. Coming into the second half, momentum started changing hands, with FURIA finding their form led by Yuri "yuurih" Santos who would end the game with 25 kills. In the end, a 1v1 clutch from Rafael "saffee" Costa would be the decisive action to give FURIA the win on Nuke 16-11.

Map two started completely differently, FURIA came out with a six-round lead on their T-side, taking no prisoners in a brutal onslaught that left Eternal Fire in their wake. However just as things started to look like there was no way in for the XANTARES and his troops, they crawled back into the game. Winning eight rounds in a row, and winning the half 8-7. The momentum was against FURIA heading into the second half but that didn't stop them. The Brazilians took the pistol round and from there began to carve out their victory. The match continued to be competitive, with the teams going back and forth, forcing each other into tough rounds with bad economy. With the map coming to an end, FURIA was not able to close it out as Eternal Fire forced it into overtime. In overtime things were not as competitive, FURIA were again not able to close it out and their opponents were able to take control and force the final map 19-17.

Final maps and Inferno go together perfectly, we have seen some of the greatest and closest matches in Counter-Strike history go down on this historic match. For FURIA, they were adamant that this would not be a close match as they clearly had something to prove after failing to close it out on Vertigo. The Brazilians used the CT-side to their advantage, taking the first half 10-5 in brutal fashion. In the second half they didn't let their foot slip off the gas, as they continued to win rounds, starting off with the pistol. From there, things slipped away for Eternal Fire as they would go on to lose 16-5.

Eternal Fire
1 - 2
All maps
Eternal Fire K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Ismailcan 'XANTARES' Dörtkardeş 62 - 54 +8 82.3 73.8% 1.21
Engin 'MAJ3R' Küpeli 60 - 64 -4 77.3 64.3% 1.01
Ömer 'imoRR' Karataş 55 - 58 -3 70.2 61.9% 0.98
Özgür 'woxic' Eker 45 - 54 -9 60.7 73.8% 0.93
Ahmet 'paz' Karahoca 39 - 57 -18 59.9 78.6% 0.83
FURIA K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Brazil Kaike 'KSCERATO' Cerato 73 - 47 +26 89.1 75.0% 1.34
Brazil Andrei 'arT' Piovezan 65 - 59 +6 89.9 69.0% 1.20
Brazil Yuri 'yuurih' Santos 51 - 54 -3 77.1 75.0% 1.08
Brazil André 'drop' Abreu 55 - 56 -1 67.7 69.0% 0.96
Brazil Rafael 'saffee' Costa 40 - 46 -6 48.3 69.0% 0.88

This victory is a great start for FURIA who will look to keep this good run of form up against Movistar Riders when they play against them tomorrow at 10:00AM.

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