FiReLEAGUE and BLAST qualifiers merged into one

The FiReLEAGUE qualifier was postponed twice and now entirely merged with the ACE North American Masters.

Tournament organizers FiReSPORTS and Liga ACE have announced the merging of the North American QUALIFiRe and ACE Masters which will take place in a week, running from the 23rd and to the 25th. Dubbed the "ACE North America QUALIFiRe", the event will award a slot to both the FiReLEAGUE Global Finals and BLAST Premier Showdown.

The event will pit seven invited teams alongside a sole open qualifier winner in GSL group play, with the two best teams from each group heading the playoffs. Unlike the group stage, which is BO1, the playoffs will feature full BO3 matches in a single-elimination bracket. This event bares more weight than most, as the winner of the qualifier is offered not one, but two direct invites to different tournaments.

The winner of the North American event will be rewarded with a busy October; with both the FiReLEAGUE Global Finals in Barcelona, Spain, as well as the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown taking place that month. With growing teams hard-pressed to find opportunity, this tournament serves as the perfect fill for that void.

The open qualifier for the tournament will be hosted on the Gamers Club platform, running a full BO1 single-elimination format. Running solely on the 22nd, the winning team will head directly to the group stage the following day, joining the seven invite teams:

World ATK
United States Nouns
Brazil Team oNe

United States BHOP
United States Strife
United States Brazen

Interested teams have until September 22nd at 05:50PM to register, as games begin just ten minutes later. Teams can sign up for the open qualifier here.

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