Peacemaker exits the Brazilian project after only six months

peacemaker departs Imperial

The peacemaker world tour continues after a brief six-month stint with the Brazilian blast-from-the-past roster.

As the first coach for the Last Dance roster, Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu brought some surprising successes to the squad, but it seems the organization has loftier goals, removing the Brazilian from their project. peacemaker's contributions include a Legends stage appearance at the PGL Antwerp Major and a 5-6th result at Pinnacle Cup Championship with Imperial peaking at 14th in the world under his tutelage.

With this goodbye, Imperial grows the list of peacemaker's former teams and joins the good company of Liquid, Tyloo, Heroic, Complexity, and more. It is unknown at this time where he plans to go next, but he plans to do a stream where he talks about his time in Imperial and his future.

Imperial have not yet announced their plans concerning coaching staff, so for now, the team remains without any. With no coach on their roster, Imperial is now:

Brazil Fernando "fer" Alvarenga
Brazil Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo
Brazil Ricardo "boltz" Prass
Brazil Vinicius "VINI" Figueiredo
Brazil Lincoln "fnx" Lau

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