Electrify Steel enter CS:GO with signing of Take Flyte

The freshly revamped squad have found a new home.

Electrify Steel, an esports organization with teams in Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six: Siege, has entered CS:GO with the signing of the Take Flyte roster. The former Take Flyte lineup recently saw a considerable shuffle, seeing Umar "Umar" Qaiser and Israel "LEARSI" Vargas joined by a handful of new additions prior to their signing with Electrify Steel.

Despite a strong 11-3 regular season in ESEA Advanced Season 41, Take Flyte finished the season with a 9-12th placing overall, a result that certainly left more to be desired considering the strong regular season performance. Following a number of departures at the end of the season, Take Flyte opted to rebuild their lineup heading into Season 42 of Advanced, with Umar and LEARSI joined by Ahmed "ayy" Mahmoud, Joey "hyza" Cornelius, Chase "hyun" Lewis, as well as William "Aphotic" DeVoe in the coaching position.

ayy makes his way to Electrify Steel after opting to sit out Season 41 of Advanced. In this new venture, ayy is reunited with Umar and LEARSI, with the three players having spent several seasons together in both Advanced and Premier/ESL Challenger League on various squads, including Eros, Limitless, and Villainous.

Unlike ayy, hyza did not entirely sit out Season 41 of Advanced, although he still did not see a lot of action during this time. hyza was originally set to play ECL in Season 41 after qualifying through Advanced playoffs with UYU, but he was cut from the squad days after the team qualified. hyza spent Season 41 as a substitute for eventual Advanced winners ONET4P, playing only two matches in the season. With Electrify Steel, hyza will be looking to finally make his ECL debut after missing out last season.

hyun links up with Electrify Steel after having taken a very laid-back approach the past few seasons, with his last notable appearance being a brief ten-day tenure with SKDC in Season 36 of Premier. After a few seasons off, hyun played Season 39 of Open on 8rwscokelines, eventually going on to win the division outright to earn direct qualification to Advanced. Across Seasons 40 and 41 of Advanced, hyun played ten matches total. hyun's signing with Electrify Steel marks a return to competitive play after a long time off the saddle.

Rounding out this freshly-built squad is Aphotic, who previously coached Big Chillin at both the Advanced and Premier/ECL level. Aphotic will be making a return to the coaching role after not being behind a team during Season 41.

Electrify Steel have entered CS:GO with:

  • United States Umar "Umar" Qaiser

  • Brazil Israel "LEARSI" Vargas

  • Canada Ahmed "ayy" Mahmoud

  • Canada Joey "hyza" Cornelius

  • United States Chase "hyun" Lewis

  • United States William "Aphotic" DeVoe (Coach)

Electrify Steel have already debuted as a unit in the ongoing ESEA x Fragadelphia Summer Cash Cup 3, with the squad falling in their first match against fellow Advanced side Esoteric. Electrify Steel now eagerly await the beginning of ESEA Advanced Season 42, which is set to begin August 16th.

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Love to see it new org plus a there logo is sexy they got my support 10/10 logo
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