EliGE had a day against 00 Nation

Best plays from the Americas on day three of IEM Cologne

Liquid and 00 Nation brought the highlights in their three map series.

#5: Yuurih 1v2 clutch vs Outsiders on Inferno

The star rifler for FURIA came to play against Outsiders. He came up especially huge for his team in this clutch, as it helped secure the seventh round and put his team in a position to win the half. FURIA would win the series 2-0.

#4: latto 1v2 vs Liquid on Mirage

Bruno "latto" Rebelatto had a few highlights in today's game against Liquid, but none shows off his skills and senses off like this one. In a clutch situation, he snuck his way into an easy entry and sniffed out the second before giving them a chance to react. 00 Nation would lose the close series 1-2.

#3: oSee 1v3 vs 00 Nation on Overpass

NA's next top AWPer Josh "oSee" Ohm popped off against 00 Nation, especially in this round. He successfully planted the bomb and split his oppositions to force multiple 1v1s to earn the tough clutch.

#2: oSee 4k vs 00 Nation on Overpass

He goes back to back on the list, this time with a defensive highlight. With 00 Nation charging A to close the half, oSee wiped out his opponents with ease to close the half in favor of his team.

#1: EliGE 4k + 1v2 clutch vs 00 Nation on Overpass

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablanowski was back to his familiar star form in this matchup. This round was a perfect example of that, as he dominated his opponents with a 4k that was topped off by the clutch.

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