CAJUN recovering from sky-high fevers, out of the hospital

Counter Nature's in-game leader was discharged from the hospital late last week after a near-comatose experience.

Andrew "CAJUN" Guidroz has become the latest member of the Counter-Strike community to have a frightening run in with medical issues that required emergent medical intervention. The course of hospitalization appeared to begin on Tuesday and then concluded with his discharge on Friday after becoming medically stable once again.

There are relatively few publicly available details about CAJUN's case, we just know that there was a viral cause of the fever and that the fever was extraordinarily high. In general, most people know that the normal body temperature for a human being is around 98.6F, but most don't know that medical professionals won't call something a "clinical fever" until one's body temperature reaches 100.4F. CAJUN's fever reached 107F, putting him into a range known as hyperpyrexia, which is associated with higher risk for severe complications, including death, but also the neurological ones that CAJUN mentioned in his tweet including cerebral edema (brain swelling) and neurological injury to the region of the brain known as the cerebellum, which is most notably associated with balance and posture.

Thankfully since CAJUN was released home it does not seem that any of the findings on his MRI indicated that those severe findings were a concern. We at wish him the best in his continued recovery and return to the server when he is ready.

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