Which PGL Antwerp Major stickers are the best?

A Writer and a Graphic Designer rate Major Stickers.

The Major stickers and signatures are finally here, we here at Dust2.us thought we would take the opportunity to rile up as many of you as possible. One of our writers, Dafydd, and our Graphic Designer, Dylan, have chosen their five favorite player signatures and pitted them against each other. To make things fair each person had to choose four from North American teams (or an NA player) and one from South America because the South American stickers are far superior. Once each team has been chosen, Dafydd and Dylan also chose their favorite sticker to be the team's logo, which cannot be gold.


Choosing the NA autographs was relatively easy as personally, I think this Major the NA stickers are on both ends of the spectrum, they have some of the cleanest and some of the most mediocre stickers of the bunch. In all honesty, my favorite one this year wasn’t NA at all. Alas, there were some great stickers and the first of which is Johnny "JT" Theodosiou's. Personally, I think when players put their full name it takes up too much space and looks out of place, but JT’s looks great, it isn't the cleanest with its lines but would look fantastic on any gun. The others I’ve listed I think are all self-explanatory, Richard "shox" Papillon's style is ageless and doesn’t need to change, Justin "FaNg" Coakley has made his look clean whilst also adding a bit of personality, and Vinicius "VINI" Figueiredo's is absolutely hilarious and nobody can tell me otherwise. It’s literally a cute little shark. Come on. I can’t forget the best one of all, Keith "NAF" Markovic's can be fully summed up in one word. Sloth.

For the sticker I chose the 9z Holo, I personally think this is the best-looking sticker overall, not even just in NA and SA. 9z had a Cinderella run at the RMR and after their qualification the Obelisk in Buenos Aires, Argentina was lit up purple in celebration. That same obelisk appears on the Holo sticker, this and the strong color makes this both the cleanest looking and the most well-thought-out. There are other good stickers but for me, none come close.


The number one sticker for me is Kaike "KSCERATO" Cerato's, he uses the space extremely well, meaning that on a gun it would look great. The kite is a fantastic added detail that gives it more personality whilst the white coloring of the letter on the black background of the FURIA logo really makes it pop. JT and FaNg both do something that's been done before but really make it their own, with JT's placement of his name working really well and FaNg's homage to Canada playing on my patriotic heartstrings. I made sure to save the best for last though, NAF's is exceptional and it brings one word to mind, Sloth.

For my team sticker, I choose a classic that is entirely ageless, the most iconic logo in esports that any true NA CS:GO fan would have chosen. That is Cloud9's original, no holo, no glitter because it's perfect as it is. All I can say is I'm just happy to see Cloud9 back in CS:GO.

With that being said, there are so many fantastic stickers and player autographs that we have completely missed, it's now up to the community to express their opinions on the best stickers that this Major has to offer.

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