After multiple slips, Slugy will see at least a months absence from FPL.

FPL player banned for offensive comments

The 19-year-old was banned for lashing out on multiple occasions.

FPL has temporarily banned former Limitless and Mythic player Bradley "Slugy" Kohler for offensive comments in multiple matches. The most recent offensive acts in question were in situations including Party Astronauts AWPer Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue and Mythic talent Eric "ERIC" W.

While down a teammate with a minute left on Mirage, Slugy opted to rotate from the B-site to go offer help. The rotate was heard by PwnAlone, prompting a peek from the Party Astronauts AWPer and ultimately resulting in Slugy being fragged. This is when the outburst in question happened. Clear as day, Slugy can be heard saying on stream, "AWPing apts, of course - At least I'm not a 30-year-old f****t."

To complicate the situation, Slugy also said the slur in team voice chat, meaning his teammates, which included fellow Party Astronauts member Jonathan "Jonji" Carey, also heard what he had to say. It did not take long for Jonji and fellow FPL talent jP to speak up against Slugy's behavior in text chat. The conversation was ripped and can be seen below.

JonjiJLC: stop saying that stuff dude plz
Slugy: why
jP: fr
JonjiJLC: no reason
JonjiJLC: doesn't add anything
JonjiJLC: to the world

As mentioned prior, this isn't the only offensive action made by Slugy as of late. After dying to opponent ERIC, Slugy expressed his displeasure with him in voice and teamchat, stating "I hope ERIC's mom dies."

Dust2 reached out to Slugy regarding the incident, this was his response:

I don't wanna say anything to third parties, I don't care what randoms think. I just wanna apologize directly to PwnAlone as well as to anyone I've trash talked to, either directly or off mic/to the stream. I don't hate anyone or want anyone to think I do, it's just one of those things I say in the moment to sort of get hyped/build confidence.

This is not the first time Slugy's behavior in FPL has been under question. Just last month, there was controversy regarding him not receiving a ban over similarly toxic behavior. Slugy's ban comes less than three weeks after the indefinite banning of two other FPL players. The authoritative responses from FPL, although unfortunate, show everyone the continued efforts of FACEIT to be more consistent with punishments for unprofessional behavior. At the time of publication, it is unknown how long exactly Slugy will be banned for, but according to NA FPL Product Manager Jared "Slove" Sloven it will be for "at least a month."

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May 5, 2022 09:28PM
"it's just one of those things I say in the moment to sort of get hyped/build confidence."
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May 5, 2022 10:10PM
ya im sure :D
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May 5, 2022 10:12PM
this is not a good excuse
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May 5, 2022 11:30PM
he tried
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May 5, 2022 10:15PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Need a different way in terms of motivational speech...
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May 6, 2022 01:09AM
I get what he’s saying but that comment on Eric is too far for sure let alone past toxic behavior
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