MIBR qualified to the Major in second place at the Americas RMR

MIBR do not have a registered substitute at the PGL Antwerp Major

The team will be unable to perform a player substitution at the Major should the need arise.

Yesterday, the official registered rosters for the PGL Antwerp Major were released by PGL and published by HLTV. An interesting point has since been raised where MIBR have seemingly submitted a roster without specifying any player or person as their substitute, only registering Bruno "bit" Lima as a coach.

According to the official rulebook published by Valve earlier in the year, a team may register a coach and a substitute, also noting that the role may be held by the same person. The rulebook later states that only the substitute player may be used for any substitutions that a team may need to make during the event.

Something worth considering in the official rosters is that all other teams have either registered their coach as their substitute player or even a separate player altogether, with MIBR being the only exception there. When asked, on multiple occasions by different representatives, about whether teams without a registered substitute may use their coach in a substitution, PGL have remained consistent in their answer that the team will not be able to substitute in their coach in that situation.

Adding to the confusion is that MIBR had previously registered Breno "brnz4n" Poletto, from their academy team, as their substitute player during the Americas RMR but have not done so again for the actual Major. The other change made on MIBR's registered roster since the RMR is the changing-out of Renato "nak" Nakano, the team's strategic coach, for bit who joined the team just prior to the RMR.

Should the situation actually arise where MIBR need to make a substitution, it is not certain whether PGL would remain strong on their previous statements that the team cannot use bit. PGL have already shown that they are willing to change rules which they previously said would not be changed if enough pressure is applied, for example, the changing of the tiebreaking format for the RMRs last month.

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May 4, 2022 11:34PM
Strange considering how well the have been doing recently this seems like such an easy thing to have done yet so helpful
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