JDubs and Xzen to spearhead Big Chillin rebuild

The duo are tasked with building a team that can take on the Big Chillin name.

Following the departure of the majority of their lineup, the most recent iteration of Big Chillin has disbanded. In it's place, Johnny "JDubs" Wu and Devin "Xzen" Barber have elected to rebuild a new lineup. While it isn't guaranteed the team plays under the Big Chillin brand, they likely will if the roster is of sufficient quality.

JDubs left the roster on March 30th while Xzen and Hunter "Retnuh" Holm both left the team on April 6th. As the team was left with just Michael "Munk" Klotz and stand-in Matt "dvl "Buechel, it ultimately disbanded leaving all of the players to pursue individual offers.

William "Aphotic" DeVoe told Dust2.us that while he can't comment on whether Xzen and JDubs will definitely represent Big Chillin next season, once the off-season shuffle calms down a bit and if the team has a stable five of sufficient quality, it is a possibility.

Big Chillin was spotted playing yesterday's Cash Cup, ESEA Spring Cash Cup 2, with former Strife stand-in Matthew "D4rtyMontana" Paplawskas, former X13 player Reece "Wilky" Wilkerson, and Sam "sam" Donaldson. The team made it to top eight before being eliminated by Third Impact.

At the time of dissolution, Big Chillin was:

  • United States Devin "Xzen" Barber

  • United States Michael "Munk" Klotz

  • United States Hunter "Retnuh" Holm

  • United States Matt "dvl "Buechel (Stand-in)

  • United States William "Aphotic" DeVoe (Coach)

ESEA Advanced Season 41 is set to start on April 25th.

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