Carpe Diem sweep paiN to face MIBR in ECL Season 40 grand final

The American squad will face the undefeated Brazilians for a spot in ESL Pro League Season 16 Conference.

Carpe Diem have bested paiN 2-0 for the second time this season to advance to the ESL Challenger League Season 40 finals. Tonight, Carpe Diem and MIBR will face off for a spot in ESL Pro League Season 16 Conference alongside HEET and Rare Atom, who won their respective regional divisions earlier today.

The two squads started Dust2 off in a dead heat, with Carpe Diem narrowly winning their CT-side 8-7. paiN kicked off the second half by clutching their CT-side pistol round before winning three out of the next four rounds to claim an 11-9 lead. This would be the last time the Brazilians were in charge of proceedings, as Carpe Diem absolutely dominated with a stellar T-side performance that saw them claim the next seven rounds in a row to take the map 16-11. Anthony "CLASIA" Kearney was a key part of Carpe Diem's dominant T-side as he boasted a 12-6 K/D and a 1.71 rating during the half.

Carpe Diem continued their strong on Mirage, the American's map pick, quickly recovering from a T-side pistol loss to win eight out of the next ten rounds. Unfortunately for Carpe Diem, in the closing moments of the half, paiN worked to narrow this round deficit as they won the last four rounds in a row. With things essentially tied up once again, Carpe Diem struck the first blow as they won their CT-side pistol and the following round before paiN answered back with two of their own. Much like the previous map, once the opening rounds of the second half were over and Carpe Diem had an opportunity to build up their economy, they went on a dominant streak to take Mirage 16-9. As such, tonight they have their chance to face off against MIBR and try to claim revenge for the loss they suffered earlier in playoffs.

0 - 2
Carpe Diem
All maps
paiN K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Brazil Rodrigo 'biguzera' Bittencourt 42 - 36 +6 92.5 80.8% 1.30
Brazil Wesley 'hardzao' Lopes 30 - 33 -3 66.6 71.2% 0.97
Brazil Gabriel 'NEKIZ' Schenato 37 - 40 -3 74.6 59.6% 0.90
Brazil Gabriel 'nython' Lino 33 - 36 -3 63.1 63.5% 0.86
Brazil Vinicios 'PKL' Coelho 25 - 35 -10 64.9 61.5% 0.84
Carpe Diem K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Anthony 'CLASIA' Kearney 48 - 32 +16 100.7 71.2% 1.44
United States Connor 'chop' Sullivan 45 - 35 +10 83.2 67.3% 1.21
Canada Jadan 'HexT' Postma 33 - 32 +1 75.6 75.0% 1.09
Canada Colby 'Walco' Walsh 27 - 37 -10 70.2 63.5% 0.93
United States Jerric 'wiz' Jiang 26 - 32 -6 54.6 63.5% 0.87

The fight for first place and a spot in ESL Pro League Season 16 Conference begins tonight at 08:00PM. Carpe Diem are fighting to return to Conference after falling last in their previous Conference run, while MIBR are looking to return to ESL Pro League after last playing Season 13 with a vastly different roster.

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