nitr0's men marched on to day two without any problems

NA RMR Open Qualifier #1 Day One roundup

Liquid and Complexity had no struggles on the first day of this qualifier.

The first day of the first NA RMR Open Qualifier has come to a close, with several notable teams missing out on locking in a day two appearance. Liquid, Complexity, and paiN were among the squads who moved through with no problem, while Evil Geniuses, Party Astronauts, and Orgless were in the group who were unable to reach day two.

The open qualifier kicked off with the Round of 128, with favorites not just coming out on top, but doing so in a dominant fashion. Liquid obliterated TheTaxidermists 16-0 in their opening match, while Evil Geniuses secured a strong start with a 16-1 victory over Peaked Silver 3.

The Round of 64 is where things really started to pick up, with ECL squads Third Impact and ONET4P matching up early on. This game went to the wire, with Third Impact eventually overtaking ONET4P 19-15 in overtime. Liquid continued their strong run with another 16-0 thrashing, this time against Weekend Warriors. Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz's BHOP nearly had their run end early after a tough match against UYU, which ended with BHOP edging out UYU 16-14.

The Round of 32 ended up being the final resting place for several strong contenders in the qualifier. By far the most crucial match played during this round was Strife versus Evil Geniuses, which saw the Fragadelphia champions squeeze past their heavyweight opponent 16-14 after a marathon of a game on Overpass. stanislaw's BHOP crew were unable to recover their form after their close game against UYU, as Mythic took them out to lock in a day two spot for the stream team.

Another favorite prospect to move forward to day two was Damian "daps" Steele's Orgless, who were debuting with Kenneth "koosta" Suen in this qualifier. Unfortunately, koosta's debut fell flat, as Orgless got wiped out by ATK 16-9, securing the international squad a day two slot. Party Astronauts also missed out on reaching the second day after Brazillian side paiN ravaged the Astronauts 16-4.

Complexity finished off their run in the first day of the qualifier with a quick and easy 16-5 win over InControl. In the last match of the day, GODSENT squared off against Gaimin Gladiators for the last available spot in the second day, which saw the Brazilians narrowly take down the Gladiators 16-13 to complete tomorrow's Round of 16 bracket.

With day one wrapped up, the Round of 16 will kick off tomorrow with the following matches:

Brazil GODSENT vs DotMax - Match page
United States Liquid vs United States BigRigger - Match page
United States Complexity vs United States Omega - Match page
Brazil paiN vs United States Bad News Bears - Match page

Brazil Team oNe vs United States Carpe Diem - Match page
United States Strife vs United States Limitless - Match page
United States Third Impact vs World ATK - Match page
United States Mythic vs United States StrikeX - Match page

Only four of these teams will be able to snag a spot in the Americas RMR, while the teams eliminated today and tomorrow will have one more shot in the second open qualifier this weekend. Day two of the first open qualifier kicks off tomorrow at 04:00PM.

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