Valors add Geek and Filo

The latter player will be dipping his toes into coaching this season.

Valors have added Conner "Geek" Golding and Seng "Filo" Tu Aung, with the latter set to be the team's coach, has confirmed. The addition of the Irish player comes following the recent departures of Dwight "Calix" Nguyen and Robert "robby" Brown, the latter having joined Bad News Bears yesterday.

Geek joins Valors after spending the past two seasons out of action. He most recently made it to playoffs during ESEA Advanced Season 37 alongside Jake "WOOHOO" J. on Laboratory Services. That team fell in the first round of the lower bracket following losses to Villainous and Valkyrie. More recently he was a stand-in for Valors during ESEA Autumn Cash Cup 6 2021 and ESEA Winter Cash Cup 1 2022.

Filo was previously a coach for Rectify at the beginning of 2021 and most recently played Intermediate with Dot.

Valors are now:

  • Saad "Pluto" Siraj

  • United States Jake "WOOHOO" J.

  • United States Damian "droid" Boulware

  • Ireland Conner "Geek" Golding

  • Seng "Filo" Tu Aung (Coach)

ESL Challenger League Season 40 is set to begin on January 18th.

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