Rectify Esports win ESEA Main Season 39

Waddill and company complete the lower-bracket run to secure a first-place finish.

After fighting through the lower bracket, Rectify overpowered Revel 3-1 in the grand final last night to be crowned champions of ESEA Main Season 39 and take home the lion’s share of the $10,000 prize pool alongside their ESEA Advanced Season 40 spot.

Waddill "Waddill" Platt and company had a strong regular season, winning their first four games in relatively convincing fashion, with a 16-13 scoreline versus Socialist Dry Peek being the closest matchup out of the four. Despite then losing four on the bounce, Rectify soon hit their stride as they dominated the remaining six matches to secure a playoff berth and round out the regular season 10-4.

In the playoffs, Rectify were quickly knocked down to the lower bracket after losing 2-1 in the second round to All Gas No Brakes. Despite the setback, the squad would rebound by dispatching of every team they faced thereafter, notably besting top seed Michigan State University 2-0 in the sixth round after two full-distance maps. Rectify headed into the grand final versus Revel a map down due to their lower-bracket run. In spite of this, Samuel "sarvity" Gillespie and co. deconstructed their foes, cleaning up Nuke 16-7 before narrowly edging out their opponents 16-14 on Inferno. The final map of the series proved to be another dominant showing for Rectify, sealing a one-sided Overpass 16-8 to take the series 3-1 and be crowned winners of ESEA Main Season 39.

The final standings for ESEA Main Season 39 are:

1. United States Rectify (sarvity, Waddill, bird, mesamiduck, Griizz) - $3,500
2. United States Revel (Jachro, KrakenS, Reaper, NoobLess, Savir) - $2,000
3. United States dontcareyoureshit (farg, ZFranks, xyst, yoru, SOVA) - $1,500
4. United States Nameless (Gonzo, seb, zzluck, Renegade, Derek) - $1,000
5-6. United States OCEAN Loves Anime (gunna, freako, Ellis, shike, saMster) - $600
5-6. United States Michigan State University (Aidan, aaronsfury, Input, trev, OsloDaPig) - $600
7-8. United States Cyberstorm Blue (lect, austin, Pretzel, cactus, HardFluff, Coach: f1lthy) - $400
7-8. United States Stanley's Harem (stanley, Seddi, PandaTM, munch, jakobi) - $400

The full bracket can be viewed here.

All eight teams will be participating in ESEA Advanced Season 40 which is set to begin on January 18th.

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