arcade and Davenport University continue to surpass milestones for collegiate CS:GO

Davenport University wins ESEA Main over Peeker's Advantage

Not a single player on the roster is set to graduate this year.

With their sweep of Peeker's Advantage on Sunday evening Davenport University became the first collegiate CS:GO team to ever win an ESEA league while flying their school's banner. The quest continues to become the first collegiate team to make ESEA Premier.

Davenport lost their opening match of ESEA Main Season 38 badly, 16-4 to Continuum, but went on a tear to finish the season undefeated from that point onward. They swept Kinship Black in the upper bracket final with a thirty-round win on Nuke, then doubled them up on Inferno to secure their grand final berth. In that grand final against David "DAVEY" Stafford and Peeker's Advantage, they strung together wins on Nuke and Vertigo to go with their one-map upper bracket advantage, completing a 3-0 sweep.

With Kinship Black's promotion to ESEA Advanced they have become the Kinship "A team" as the previous iteration of the organization's top-rated squad went 2-10 in ESEA Advanced Season 38 and has since disbanded.

The final standings for ESEA Main Season 38 are:

1. United States Davenport University (slomotion, arcade, BeBO, CoJoMo, Pugg, Agent, Coach: Fidel) - $3,500
2. United States Peeker's Advantage (DAVEY, tawa, salsa, Plokii, drewby) - $2,000
3. United States Kinship Black (Livid, Average, rezyion, garfield, KyleUP) - $1,500
4. United States makuraSOFT (hiromi, 85O, Tweakky, VulcaN, Tomee) - $1,000
5-6. United States Stealth (reham, ShawTa, Mars-, Hunter, Summers) - $600
5-6. Canada The Black Bulls (Liebe, sLi, Luck^, Yami, sky^^) - $600
7-8.  Mad Kings (Extasy, Jefrey, NotJuanjo, NiK0, Slayerhz, Coach: chickenG) - $400
7-8. United States Life Game (cheetah, 1just, poski, cam-, PurpleLine) - $400

All eight teams will play in ESEA Advanced in Season 39. Notable rosters that have been demoted from ESEA Advanced to make room for these promoted sides include CLG Red and Peruvian side Supremacy.

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