shonk has hopped on board with Final Feature

Mundle and dangle make their final features, shonk debuts

Mere days after parting ways with Fam143, shonk has linked up with a new squad.

ESEA Advanced squad Final Feature, comprised of a mix of former Hysteria, Geostorm, and Mentality players, have cut Jeremy "Mundle" King from their roster. A tweet from Mundle late Thursday night confirmed his removal, with the player going on to say that he will be taking "an indefinite break" from CS:GO. Joining him on the way out is Malick "dangle" Abid, while former Fam143 and AZIO member William "shonk" Kittrell has been acquired to fill one of the vacated slots.

shonk has already made his debut on the roster in a league match against blitz reborn, with Final Feature falling 8-16 on Nuke. Not all is lost for the squad as — fielding shonk's former teammate Alex "lanhero" Suarez — the team managed to push past RED STAR (composed of the former Glockoma roster) and Josh "joshbM" Blier's MWNL in the DreamHack Open Atlanta open qualifier earlier today to advance into the closed qualifier. It is unknown whether lanhero will be a permanent addition to the roster at this time.

Final Feature's roster currently consists of:

  • United States Daniel "picky" Milazzo
  • United States Damien "droid" Boulware
  • United States Colton "BASE" Musella
  • United States William "shonk" Kittrell

Final Feature are currently 6-2 in ESEA Advanced with victories over HentaiWeabooMasterLords, Masked, and 4US. A trio of difficult matchups await them next week as they are set to go up against FURIA, Mentality, and iNTACT as they aim for a spot in the playoffs.

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