Despite strong starts, NRG fall out of Ukraine

Vega eliminate NRG; to StarSeries grand finals

NRG fall short of making their second grand finals appearance in Kiev.

After taking down their Danish opponents in the quarterfinals, NRG and Vega Squadron clashed in the semifinals, with the winner moving on to the grand finals to face ENCE. 

Vega kicked off the series on their map pick of Mirage, taking the first six rounds of the map before Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov put a round on the board for NRG. NRG managed to edge out one additional round, plus the last two of the half, to end the first half down 4-11. 

NRG pushed forward with their momentum from the last two rounds of the first half, taking two rounds off the bat in the second half before Vega took their twelfth round. NRG moved forward, with Ethan "nahtE" Arnold leading his team through seven straight rounds to take the lead 13-12. Not wanting to lose to a comeback, Vega briefly traded rounds with NRG in an attempt to reach map point. With both teams now tied 14-14, NRG swiped away the last two rounds, taking the first map 16-14.

The Americans rolled forward onto Overpass, easily taking the first five rounds. Vega rebounded in the sixth round, going on their own five-round streak to tie the score. Trading rounds, Vega ultimately edged out the lead in the first half 8-7.

Anton "tonyblack" Kolesnikov and Pavel "hutji" Lashkov led his team through the second half, taking eight straight rounds on the T-side to secure the second map 16-7. 

The series moved onto the decider map in the form of Inferno. NRG and Vega were neck-and-neck in the first half, as both teams traded a multitude of rounds. The Americans ultimately came out with a slight lead at halftime, going 8-7 into the second half.

In the second half, tonyblack kicked off the half, winning three rounds for his team. NRG retaliated with three rounds of their own to retain their lead, but immediately lost the scoreline as Vega pushed forward with five straight rounds, putting the Russian core at match point. nahtE pulled out one last round for NRG before Vega shut down the Americans, taking Inferno 16-12 and closing the series 2-1.

Vega Squadron
2 - 1
All maps
Vega Squadron K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Anton 'tonyblack' Kolesnikov 63 - 46 +17 81.7 72.8% 1.24
Pavel 'hutji' Lashkov 55 - 54 +1 74.8 67.9% 1.10
Leonid 'chopper' Vishnyakov 59 - 48 +11 68.5 74.1% 1.06
Dmitriy 'jR' Chervak 49 - 49 +0 69.8 66.7% 1.05
Igor 'crush' Shevchenko 42 - 51 -9 62.8 67.9% 0.91
NRG K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Ethan 'Ethan' Arnold 67 - 55 +12 87.1 64.2% 1.23
Canada Damian 'daps' Steele 45 - 50 -5 66.4 77.8% 1.03
United States Vincent 'Brehze' Cayonte 46 - 53 -7 61.3 65.4% 0.91
United States Jacob 'FugLy' Medina 47 - 54 -7 64.1 65.4% 0.89
Tsvetelin 'CeRq' Dimitrov 42 - 57 -15 61.5 71.6% 0.84

Eliminated from StarSeries i-League Season 6, NRG take home $25,000 with their semi-final finish. Vega move onto the grand finals of the event, where the Finnish powerhouse ENCE are currently waiting. 

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