Jonji may look to join forces with BlackOut

BlackOut and RESOLUTE make changes

MAiNLiNE has stepped down, while 4sh0t finds himself teamless.

Michael "MAiNLiNE" Jaber has stepped down from BlackOut, has learned. No reason was cited for this move. To replace him, BlackOut are looking toward Jonathan "Jonji" Carey, who will attend Fragadelphia with the team, knows. This will be the sixth team Jonji will have played for this year.

As a result of this, Jonji is set to leave RESOLUTE. The former Freedom 35 team are making further changes however, as Sam "4sh0t" Mariano has been removed from the roster. The team is looking to attend Fragadelphia with Sam "s0m" Oh, who was recently released from compLexity, and Andy "vSa" Xu who last played for Ghost.

Tyson "TenZ" Ngo will still likely play Fragadelphia with RESOLUTE despite having a tryout with Dignitas.

Here is BlackOut's lineup for Fragadelphia 12:

  • Canada Connor "CONNOR93" Glover
  • United States Chad "Oderus" Miller
  • United States Collin "wrath" McSweegan
  • United States Sebastian "seb" Bucki
  • Canada Jonathan "Jonji" Carey
  • United States Jeremy "Jeremy9000" Gray (Coach / Manager)

And here is RESOLUTE's possible roster:

  • United States Victor "food" Wong
  • United States David "Toy" Han
  • Canada Tyson "TenZ" Ngo
  • United States Sam "s0m" Oh
  • Canada Andy "vSa" Xu

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Dust2 Birthday cake!
Resolute full Asian Poggers
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resolute ez asia minor
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dust2 announces tyloo 2
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Resolute to win frag 12
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