trk continues to shine for oNe

oNe dominate Swole Patrol to win Fragadelphia Summer Sizzle

The Brazilian team took down Swole Patrol 3-1 in the grand finals to secure first place.

oNe have taken down Swole Patrol 3-1 in a best-of-five series to win Fragadelphia's Summer Sizzle. The Brazilians had a dominant tournament run, dropping only a single map to Swole Patrol on the road to the trophy. Their complete run can be seen on the event's bracket page, with Swole Patrol and iNTACT's road to their placements also available to view.

Swole Patrol were on the lookout to take a second win for themselves in a Fragadelphia online tournament, having already won Fragadelphia's Memorial Weekend event to grab $1,000 in travel support for Fragadelphia 12 two months ago. Some players on the team were streaming their matches this time around as they looked to secure further funding for their trip to Philadelphia.

An earlier 2-0 win over Swole Patrol granted oNe a default map win due to coming from the upper bracket, giving them a 1-0 start headed into the grand finals. The remaining four maps were set to be Mirage, Dust2, Overpass, and Inferno.

Swole's only map victory against oNe came on the first map of the series, with Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro putting up 31 frags for his side to barely sneak the win past the Brazilians with a 16-13 scoreline.

The remaining two maps would be a slaughter as Victor "iDk" Torraca led the attack for oNe on Dust2. A 12-3 T side half allowed for a quick 16-7 close out to take the series to Overpass, where Alencar "trk" Rossato took over in the fragging department to repeat the 16-7 scoreline after a 9-6 half in their favor.

Other notable upsets in the tournament saw iNTACT defeat Fam143 2-0 in their opening match to drop the newly formed roster into the lower bracket. After being dropped into the lower bracket themselves, iNTACT then went on to eliminate Vision, FYB, and Say No More before falling short 1-2 to Swole Patrol in the lower bracket final.

The final standings for Fragadelphia's Summer Sizzle are as follows:

  1. Brazil oNe — $1,050
  2. United States Swole Patrol — $550
  3. United States iNTACT

Fragadelphia 12 is set to kick off on August 3rd, with many notable names from MDL set to make an appearance. The crowdfunded prize pool currently sits at just over $23,000, with signups and links to contribute to the prize purse still open on the organizer's Matcherino page

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