Roy "Strong Legs" Ahad is best known for casting MDL matches on his personal Twitch channel as well as hosting his monthly Strong Legs Cups on

Strong Legs voted in as MDL's Next Big Caster

In an overwhelming majority vote by the ESEA community, Strong Legs is chosen to help cast the Season 27 MDL LAN Finals.

Voting for the MDL Next Big Caster has come to an end, with Roy "Strong Legs" Ahad coming out victorious over his fellow casters. His efforts have net him travel and accomodations to the MDL LAN Finals where he will be a part of the talent team for the event.

The journey for these men began with them submitting their recordings of previously casted matches, followed by a selection process by ESEA. After reviewing all of the entrants casting reels, ESEA chose the best eleven submissions and put them through the ringer, testing their commentating skills over the next four weeks of MDL. Once these final five were chosen by the community, their fates were put to a poll to determine which would be the sole survivor.

The final poll results for MDL's Next Big Caster can be found below:

Caster Votes
Roy "StrongLegs" Ahad 1,381
Geordie "mac" McAleer 519
Steven "HeartBreaker"Cropley 396
Robert "ManicMunday"Munday 320
Matthew "insomniuhh" Cota 271

Strong Legs was most recently seen casting our Masters #2 by last weekend alongside Mitch "Magic Helmet" Langford.

Neither the dates, nor the location, nor the talent Strong Legs will be joining at the MDL LAN Finals have been announced as of yet.

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April 3, 2018 03:42PM
Not surprised, StrongLegs already had a big following compared to these other casters so it was bound to happen. Congrats StrongLegs!
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