roca is set to link up with the Dignitas team

mCe out as Dignitas bring roca and a2z in

Removing their IGL, the recently promoted side brings in two experienced talents.

Dignitas have made drastic changes to their playing roster, can reveal. The moves have been initiated after their poor start to their ESL Pro League season, which currently sees them sit rock bottom of the division with a 0-8 record and zero points.

On his way out is Matthew "mCe" Elmore, following his former teammate Jack "xCeed" Holiman. The In-Game Leader is set to be replaced in the same role by Armeen "a2z" Toussi. The Canadian was recently seen playing with the team in the Masters #2 powered by, where they were knocked out 2-1 by eventual winners Gorilla Gang in the semifinals.

Before that, he was last seen in action on the previous Torqued team, and did not participate in the recently ended ESEA MDL season.

Next up to join the side is Daniel "roca" Gustaferri, who recently left Splyce at the end of his contract with the organization. He moves straight over from the Pro League side, bringing some much needed experience of life at the top.

Both players have been added to the team's ESEA roster, before tomorrow's ESL Pro League deadline. mCe's contract status with the organization is currently unknown.

This move leaves the Dignitas team as:

  • United States Logan "Voltage" Long
  • United States Michael "Grim" Wince
  • United States Mitch "mitch" Semago
  • Canada Armeen "a2z" Toussi
  • United States Daniel "roca" Gustaferri
  • United States Josh "shinobi" Abastado (Coach)

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#1(With 0 replies)
April 2, 2018 09:18PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
they needed one more season in mdl. i blame jonji and his choke.

now its going to be eventually another invite reject squad. and the original core will be playing mdl again eventually in different teams not doing anything.
#2(With 0 replies)
April 2, 2018 09:36PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Didn't get Snakes back first to see if they could make it work with him :*(
#3(With 0 replies)
April 2, 2018 10:35PM
#FreeSnakes #BringxCeedBack
#4(With 0 replies)
April 2, 2018 11:15PM
I loved dignitas BECAUSE of mCe and what he brought to the team. What a stab in the heart. I don't believe it.
#5(With 1 replies)
April 3, 2018 12:11AM
a2z in Pro League again PogChamp

Sad for mCe though I hope he joins up with FeelsUnderAgeMan and his boy snakes to work that team through mdl after they sweep main playoffs
#10(With 0 replies)
April 3, 2018 01:34PM
-Semphis +mCe

Make Splyce great again
#6(With 0 replies)
April 3, 2018 01:59AM
#7(With 0 replies)
April 3, 2018 08:02AM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
a2z best player in the world
Roca is aight

Good pickup imo
#8(With 0 replies)
April 3, 2018 08:04AM
Really want to see roca hit his potential.

feel really bad for mCe tho, really genuine guy.
#9(With 0 replies)
April 3, 2018 10:52AM
a2z best player
#11(With 0 replies)
April 3, 2018 04:32PM
I'd like to see them not relegated
#12(With 0 replies)
April 6, 2018 09:32PM
mCe is hot garbage thank god
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