Secret Club overhaul with motm, cxzi, and hate; ChocoCheck and CENSRD teeter on dissolution

The first big change of the off-season will likely have a number of knock-on effects.

Secret Club have unveiled a massively overhauled roster that has seen Kevin "consti" Yi, Eric "Ryze" Brown, and Adam "WolfY" Andersson replaced by Ian "motm" Hardy, Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk, and Nicholas "hate" Young.

Outside of drastically changing Secret Club, this roster move has had a number of knock-on effects as cxzi was a core member of ChocoCheck, while hate was one of the last remaining members of CENSRD — a team currently battling through ESEA Premier Season 37 Relegation.

The changes to Secret Club come as the team look to recover after missing out on ESEA Premier Season 37 playoffs. It also clarifies the future of the team as WolfY, the team's former IGL, has been in Sweden for around a month while consti announced his departure from Secret Club yesterday. In WolfY's place, motm told that he will be taking over IGL duties for the team.

Secret Club will be motm's first team since leaving Triumph in May, while this change also marks the end of cxzi's long-time involvement with the Rebirth/ChocoCheck core. As for hate, Secret Club will give the young player a chance to play around with new pieces after seeing CENSRD fall apart around him following a 3-5 regular season.

With these changes, Secret Club are now:

  • United States Jordon "jitter" Ruggiero
  • United States Ethan "reck" Serrano
  • United States Ian "motm" Hardy
  • United States Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk
  • United States Nicholas "hate" Young

As previously mentioned, Secret Club's overhaul may mark the end of the line for CENSRD and ChocoCheck. For CENSRD, should they survive Relegation, they will be reduced to two players, David "Delta9" Shafer and Christopher "Swahn" Swahn. Additionally, as previously reported, Swahn is already weighing his options and should the team be demoted the duo will likely not be sticking together. In Relegation CENSRD are currently facing off against X13 and will then need to best the loser of Mythic vs. Triton if they want to hold onto their Premier spot.

ChocoCheck now has to contend with the dual departures of cxzi and the team's IGL Bobby "stamina" Eitrem as stamina announced tonight that he will be joining Pryde in Advanced. stamina told that he had offers in Premier, however other commitments precluded him from committing the time necessary to a Premier lineup this season. Pryde recently parted ways with Eddie "hydrik" Olsen, Drew "Drewtheshrew" Lamb, and their coach Anythingpos after finishing ESEA Advanced Season 37 in 7th-8th place.

Pryde currently feature:

  • United States James "JAM" H.
  • United States James "EllisoN" Ellison
  • United States Sam "sam" Donaldson
  • United States Bobby "stamina" Eitrem also knows from a source close to ChocoCheck that Christopher "cJ" Jones is unlikely to play this season due to real-life commitments.

As a result, ChocoCheck and CENSRD currently consist of:

United States ChocoCheck United States CENSRD
  • United States Christopher "cJ" Jones
  • United States Dominick "JazzPimp" Dimpfel
  • United States Daniel "tropiiical" Elshani (Substitute)
  • United States Zack "XotiC" Elshani (Substitute)
  • United States David "Delta9" Shafer
  • United States Christopher "Swahn" Swahn
  • United States Ryan "rdb" Brunetti (Coach)

ESEA Premier Season 38 is set to start on August 17th.

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July 14, 2021 06:19AM
hmm yes okay good luck to all
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July 14, 2021 06:45PM
Good moves seemingly hope it works for the lad motm
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