Update: GGPR bring in quick to head up coaching and analyst duties

This roster looks very different than it did when quick last played for GGPR in ESEA Advanced.

Aurele "quick" Hebert has become the latest addition to the GGPR rebuild. He is now listed as a "coach/analyst" alongside Erich "ninja" Beyer on the ESEA Premier side's team page.

quick's last official match on HLTV was actually as a player for GGPR in ESEA Advanced Season 32. GGPR looked quite different back then, as quick was joined on the server by Wesley "viz" Harris, Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield, Jack "micro" Ryan, and Nicholas "hate" Young.

When asked for comment, GGPR noted that the fifth spot on their roster has not been finalized, but clarified that quick will take over the head coaching responsibilities as ninja steps back into an assistant role and focuses on analyst work.

ninja noted the following with regard to the role changes:

I will be taking a more analytical approach this season and passing the reins off to quick for in-game coaching. This was a mutual decision and a plan that was in the works since after playoffs, we just wanted to find a suitable replacement.

Unlike myself, quick did not have a 5-year gap missing in CS:GO. I came back to the game because of the pandemic. I did not even plan to coach as long as I did. With places opening back up and a vaccine now out, time constraints are a personal issue for me, so this made the decision a no brainer.

I will still be involved in CS operations in GGPR as it stands and I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. Look forward to showing the fans we can place even higher than 5th place in Premier this season! Special thank you to all our supporters that stick by us through thick and thin as we grow as a team and an organization.

With their coaching staff bolstered, GGPR are now:

  • United States Chase "lowrider" Releford
  • Canada Sean "Inseaniac" Morrison
  • United States Johnny "JDubs" Wu
  • Canada Brody "BeaKie" Kelly
  • United States Aurele "quick" Hebert (Coach)
  • United States Erich "ninja" Beyer (Assistant Coach/Analyst)

GGPR still have not confirmed who the fifth member of their roster will be. They have until the start of ESEA Premier Season 37 on May 3rd to figure it out.

Update: a previous version of this article listed ninja as the team's manager, that has since been corrected and a statement from ninja has been added to provide more context to quick's addition to the team.

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