PGL will be joining the circuit

Update: PGL amend 2025 & 2026 CS2 circuit dates

The tournament organizer is set to compete with BLAST and ESL.

This article has been updated as of 4/2/2024, 10:58AM.

Amended Dates

PGL has updated the previously announced event dates. These dates will no longer include the travel days on the Monday following the conclusion of each event, while others have had their start dates moved forward. In the case of PGL's third announced event of 2025, it will now no longer overlap with the conclusion of the BLAST's third event of the year.

The dates at the bottom of the article have been updated.

Original Article as of 3/31/24

PGL is ready to try to break through the hegemonic power of ESL and BLAST over the Counter-Strike ecosystem as they just announced a brand new circuit for 2025 & 2026 that will rival the two tournament organizers.

In an announcement just before the first Counter-Strike 2 Major Grand Final in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Romania-based company declared that it will host five events throughout 2025, some of which overlap with already announced tournament dates for BLAST and ESL. Additionally, they will host six events in 2026, with dates already provided.

The five events will be extended events, with the quickest lasting a minimum of fifteen days and the longest lasting 17 days. For reference, the longest events that ESL and BLAST will host are 21 days and 14 days, respectively. In total, there will 70 total event days by PGL in 2025, which is behind ESL's 91 and equal BLAST's 70.

PGL has not hosted events in Counter-Strike before in this manner as they have devoted more time and resources to hosting Majors in previous years. PGL hosted Majors in Krakow in 2017, Stockholm in 2021, Antwerp in 2022, and Copenhagen in 2024. Now, they will develop their own circuit.

The schedule for the next year is shaping up to be much busier as it will also become the first year with no partnered leagues, meaning, teams will not be contractually obligated to participate in ESL and BLAST events. Below, you can find the current announced schedule for 2025 and 2026.

2025 Schedule

January 13 - January 26 - BLAST tournament
January 29 - February 9 - ESL tournament
February 10 - February 23 - PGL tournament
February 25 - March 16 - ESL tournament
March 17 - March 30 - BLAST tournament
March 31 - April 13 - PGL tournament
April 21- April 27 - ESL tournament
April 28 - May 4 - BLAST tournament
May 5 - May 18 - PGL tournament
May 19 - May 25 - ESL tournament
June 9 - June 22 - First Major

Player Break

July 23-August 3 - ESL tournament
August 4 - August 17 - BLAST tournament
August 20 - August 24 - ESL tournament
August 25-September 7 - BLAST tournament
September 23 - October 12 - ESL tournament
September 29 - October 12 - PGL tournament
October 20 - November 2 - PGL tournament
November 3 - November 9 - ESL tournament
November 10 - November 16 - BLAST tournament
December 1 - December 14 - Second Major

2026 Schedule

February 16 - March 1 - PGL tournament
March 23 - April 5 - PGL tournament
May 4 - May 17 - PGL tournament
June 8 - June 21 - First Major
August 3 - August 16 - PGL tournament
September 28 - October 11 - PGL tournament
October 19 - November 1 - PGL tournament
November 30 - December 13 - Second Major

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#1(With 2 replies)
March 31, 2024 01:36PM
That's pretty cool insane schedule tho but cool I bet personally if I was a team I would skip events to be down to a nice 1 month off playing time excluding the player breaks
#2(With 1 replies)
March 31, 2024 03:13PM
This will be great for the scene if all 3 TO's can stay intact. Allowing teams to take breaks because there are other tournaments is a great thing as it allows for more teams to get chances and players to take a week or 2 off. Golfers and Tennis players do it once you reach a certain level. It's all about just placing high enough at enough big tournaments.
#4(With 0 replies)
April 1, 2024 03:57PM
I was going to say if the points are strict but I forgot it's valve ranking only but I want to know how often it would update and I need to read up on the weight if events to be honest
#3(With 0 replies)
April 1, 2024 10:59AM
The effect that Valve's new rules are having on the scene already are impressive.

I'm a little excited to see what these events look like, it's probably a vain hope to think that these events will get any more NA spots than ESL or BLAST offer though.
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