MDL Recap Week 8 - Whalers close in on top playoff seed

Recon 5, Keep the Comms Up, Infinity, ex-Polar Ace, and AA have played all of their matches and await their respective fates.

The penultimate week of ESEA MDL Season 34 has concluded, most notably seeing New England Whalers win their match against Recon 5, putting them in complete control of their own destiny. If they win their remaining match against oNe they will secure the top seed heading into playoffs.

It was also a big week for blood, sweat, and tears with the squad claiming three wins against Levitate, Keep the Comms Up, and AA. Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak popped off in the team's first two matches, claiming a 1.56 and a 2.58 rating against Levitate and Keep the Comms Up, respectively.

ex-Morning Light managed an upset of their own, claiming a 16-9 victory over oNe on the back of 28 frags from Ethan "reck" Serrano.

Though it was a week of elation for some underdogs, it was a week of frustration for Infinity. They lost both of their matches, to Keep the Comms Up and oNe, ensuring that they would head to relegation for their second season in a row.

There's still a lot to play for heading into this final week as even ex-Morning Light, who are currently sitting near the bottom of the table, are still technically in the playoff hunt and are solidly in contention for an automatic berth in ESEA MDL Season 35. 

Some notable matchups in the final week of the ESEA MDL Season 34 regular season are:

Matchup Date Time
 United States Warriors International vs. United States Levitate June 23rd 9PM EDT
 United States ex-Morning Light vs. Canada blood, sweat, and tears June 23rd 11PM EDT
 United States Chaos  vs. United States Levitate June 24th 9PM EDT
 Canada Swedish Canadians  vs. Brazil oNe June 24th 10PM EDT
 Brazil oNe  vs. United States New England Whalers June 25th 8PM EDT
 United States ex-Morning Light vs. United States Buffdaddy's Paypal June 25th 9PM EDT
 United States Mythic vs. United States Oceanus June 25th 9PM EDT
Canada Swedish Canadians  vs. United States Levitate June 25th 10PM EDT

The MDL standings now look as follows:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 United States New England Whalers 16 14 2 +108 42
 United States Recon 5 17 13 4 +84 39
 United States Chaos 15 12 3 +101 36
 Canada Swedish Canadians 14 11 3 +68 33
 United States Oceanus 16 11 5 +48 33
 United States Mythic 16 10 6 +90 30
 United States Levitate 14 10 4 +52 30
 United States Keep the Comms Up 17 9 8 +2 27
 Brazil oNe 15 8 7 +35 24
 Canada blood, sweat, and tears 16 8 8 -10 24
 United States AA 17 8 9 +20 24
 United States ex-Polar Ace 17 7 10 +5 21
 United States Warriors International 15 7 8 -13 21
 United States ex-Morning Light 14 6 8 +7 18
  Infinity 17 5 12 -26 15
 United States Buffaddy's Paypal Team 16 3 13 -63 9
 Canada Big Frames 17 1 16 -240 3
 Canada Way 2 French 17 0 17 -272 0

Note: these standings also include tonight's Levitate vs. ex-Polar Ace match.

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