c4lypso is on the lookout for a new team after three months with Big Frames

Big Frames lose Church and c4lypso, add nero and mada

The MDL squad are making the biggest changes to their roster in quite some time.

Big Frames are undertaking a massive overhaul of their roster ahead of next season, adding youngsters Matthew "nero" Seymour and Adam "mada" Pampuch, the latter of which only just turned 16 on Monday.

nero returns to activity after playing a scant five matches last season with Faint in Advanced and Just Swing in MDL. mada spent last season with Clarity in Advanced, managing to make playoffs with a 12-4 record, but crashing out following losses to Precision and timbermen. He was then set to join the rebuilt Gorilla Gang, but then that project collapsed.

Making their way out of the team are Ryan "Church" Church, Abdo "c4lypso" Agha, and Jimmy "Nurfed" McFadden, who returned to the squad mid-way through last season. Dust2.us knows that the reason for Church's departure is job-related, while c4lypso is looking "to go a step further."

Big Frames now have the following roster:

  • United States Andy "devastation" Parr
  • United States Liam "Welshy" Newhouse
  • United States Matthew "nero" Seymour
  • Canada Adam "mada" Pampuch
  • United States Nick "nylee" Lee (Coach)

With MDL Season 33 set to commence on January 13th, the new-look squad will have their eyes open for a fifth player to complete the roster.

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