CSGO updates rankings, EG reaches new high

The newest rankings see many changes as BLAST Premier finishes.

Quietly this afternoon, Valve's CSGO developers issued a new update to their ranking. Thanks to BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, Evil Geniuses were the biggest winners of the last fortnight seeing as they jumped from 14th all the way up to 5th in the Americas ranking, which would give them a berth to the NA Closed Qualifier of the BLAST.tv Americas RMR.

Elsewhere, Fluxo saw their biggest drop from 5th place down to 11th in the same Americas ranking as they replaced Lucas "lux" Meneghini with Allan "history" Lawrenz, severely impacting the algorithm that saw them atop the rankings.

According to the BLAST.tv website, Valve will update their rankings sometime on February 12th which will be the final ranking used to determine the invites for the upcoming closed qualifier. For some of the top teams in the region, IEM Katowice will be one final chance to show off and improve their ranking in hopes of securing a spot.

As of now, these are the following Top 20 teams in the Americas:

  • #1 United States Liquid: nitr0, NAF, EliGE, oSee, YEKINDAR

  • #2 Brazil FURIA: arT, yuurih, KSCERATO, saffee, drop

  • #3 United States Complexity: JT, floppy, hallzerk, Grim, FaNg

  • #4 Brazil paiN: PKL, hardzao, biguzera, skullz, zevy

  • #5 United States Evil Geniuses: autimatic, Brehze, neaLaN, wiz, HexT

  • #6 Brazil MIBR: HEN1, exit, Tuurtle, brnz4n, insani

  • #7 World ATK: djay, motm, b0denmaster, Swisher, MisteM

  • #8 United States EG White: Jonji, ben1337, PwnAlone, Momo, viz

  • #9 United States EG Black: RUSH, stanislaw, junior, Walco, jeorgesnorts

  • #10 United States Nouns: cJ, MarKE, cynic, stamina, nosraC

  • #11 Brazil Fluxo: felps, WOOD7, vsm, Lucaozy, history

  • #12 Brazil TeamOne: Maluk3, iDk, trk, malbsMd, pesadelo

  • #13 United States Vendetta: cxzi, consti, chop, Tender, Pluto

  • #14 Brazil 00NATION: coldzera, TACO, dumau, latto, nqz

  • #15 United States Strife: Snakes, Infinite, aris, reck, J0LZ

  • #16 9z: max, dgt, dav1deuS, nqz, buda

  • #17 United States Nouns: cynic, Bwills, cxzi, nosraC, jeorgesnorts

  • #18 Brazil ARCTIC: ponter, MaLLby, keiz, ninjaZ, short

  • #19 Brazil Imperial: FalleN, boltz, chelo, VINI, JOTA

  • #20 Brazil Sharks: drg, chay, togs, Gafolo, rdnzao

If the invites were determined today, North America would see Complexity, Evil Geniuses, ATK, oNe, Nouns, Vendetta, Strife, timbermen and Detonate go through to the Closed Qualifier, with the idea that paiN and MIBR would be participating in the South American qualifier like they did for IEM Brazil 2022. For South America, paiN, MIBR, Fluxo, 00NATION, 9z, ARCTIC, Imperial, and Sharks would go through to the Closed Qualifier.

You can access the full rankings from Valve on their GitHub, here.

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