Liquid are ready to finish out the year strong

Liquid's BLAST World Finals opening match announced

In this tournament, there are no easy games.

BLAST announced out today the schedule for the BLAST Premier World Final 2022, and things couldn't be harder for NA's only representative, Liquid.

The first game of the $1 million competition will feature IEM Rio Major champions Outsiders facing off against Liquid at 01:00AM on the 14th. FaZe and G2 will follow up, concluding round one of Group A.

Group B will start with Heroic facing off against OG, and to close day one, viewers will be treated with a NAVI vs. Vitality game.

Liquid earned the #3 seed in Group A behind Major winners Outsiders and the most dominant team of 2022, Faze Clan.

The BLAST Premier World Final 2022 will be the first Tier-S event to feature the latest CS:GO patch, meaning the M4A1-S will be weaker, the AWP magazine will be cut in half, and Dust2 is no more, giving way for Anubis. Which team will be the first to pick the new map in the competition?

The World Final will go from December 14th to December 18th, in Abu Dhabi but only the last two days will feature a live crowd.

Group A
United States Liquid

Group B
Denmark Heroic

FaZe vs G2 (04:00AM)
Outsiders vs United States Liquid (01:00AM)

Denmark Heroic vs OG (07:00AM)
NAVI vs Vitality (10:00AM)

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