David's Cup smashes initial fundraising goal

All donations will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The charity event organized by Nouns in memory of David "cynic" Polster has been a huge success so far, as day one ended with $8,781 raised. The initial goal of $5,000 was surpassed during the first game of the event.

The donations will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a non-governmental and non-profit organization that aims to help those suffering from mental health issues. You can donate here.

The GSL BO1 group stage has already ended after day one with BOSS, Nouns, Party Astronauts, and Wildcard eliminated. PA lost 13-11 twice, once against Take Flyte and then against BOSS, while Wildcard lost 13-8 versus Mythic and Elevate. BOSS and Nouns managed to win one match but couldn't manage to advance to playoffs after losses to NRG (13-10) and Take Flyte (13-8), and Mythic (13-10) and Elevate (13-5), respectively.

The playoff bracket is set for today, with Mythic scheduled to face Take Flyte, and NRG taking on Elevate. This stage features a single elimination bracket with BO3 series. The winner of the event will win $2,000 but the most important aspect of David's Cup is raising awareness and money to help those suffering from mental health issues.

In order to give something back, teams have given Nouns some reward to those who donate, such as signed jerseys from Complexity and M80, and other apparel from Mythic, NRG, BOXR, and Nouns. Eric "adreN" Hoag is also giving away one of his jerseys with his signature in a raffle. All that can information can be found here.

David's Cup returns today at 03:00PM with Mythic taking on Take Flyte. NRG v. Elevate will happen after, set to begin at 06:00PM, with the grand final scheduled to start at 09:00PM.

You can follow the games on Nouns and Fragadelphia's Twitch channels while they will also be restreamed live on Dust2's Twitch channel as well.

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