Project X sign with new Canadian organization Perseverance

After a successful start to the season, Project X has been picked up.

ESEA Advanced Season 49 roster Project X has been signed by Perseverance, a new Canadian organization entering the Counter-Strike 2 space. Project X formed back in early comprised of a quintet of experienced players with all but Mason "mason" Watkins having some level of ESL Challenger League experience.

With this level of experience, the team have have a strong start to ESEA Advanced Season 49, with the team sitting at the top of the league with a 9-1 record. This success was enough to garner the interest of Alexanne "Keke" Shoter, a Canadian CS fan who says she has been following the game since 2016. For now their organization is self-funded, however Keke says she and her friends intend on growing the org and seeking out sponsors to try and help support the NA scene.

The organization was just founded at the time of publication, however it will hopefully be able to help support their team as they look to make their way into ESL Challenger League Season 49.

Perseverance are now:

  • United States Andrew "Andrew" Burrell

  • United States Mason "mason" Watkins

  • United States Johnny "JDubs" Wu

  • United States Chance "xaler" Palmer

  • United States Justin "Sandman" Saulle

  • United States "Aureo" (Coach)

Perseverance's first match under their new organization will be against StandOnBusiness tonight at 10:15PM.

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