FURIA's apparel can be bought in this new HQ

FURIA opened a new HQ in Miami

FURIA really is NA now.

The Brazilian organization inaugurated a new base of operations in Wynwood, Miami last Saturday, December 3rd.

The venue hosted a Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament and an Apex Legends LAN on its first day, and it features a huge range of different merchandising from FURIA, going from esports apparel, such as a CS:GO shirt, to streetwear clothes and backpacks. Visitors don't have to pay to enter the facilities.

The new Brazilian headquarters has 5,200 square feet and the initial budget for the venue was $1 million. This is the second HQ FURIA owns in Florida, as the org has another location in Boca Raton. André Akkari, FURIA's co-founder and coach of the CS:GO men's team during the last major, told Esports Insider that the plan is to have venues like the ones in Florida all over "in each of the biggest cities in the world."

The opening of the Miami HQ comes weeks after the org cut ties with FTX, following the cryptocurrency downfall. FTX was one of the main sponsors of the Brazilian brand but still, FURIA was able to conclude this project.

The next step for FURIA in this field is to open a similar venue in Brazil, according to the previously mentioned Esports Insider interview.

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December 6, 2022 11:01AM
Holy W
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December 6, 2022 11:20AM
Thats pretty cool. Now i need to go to miami
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