Limitless Angels bench one; lose ESL Impact S5 core

What does the future hold for the squad?

Limitless Angels have announced that Daria "daria" Anokhina has moved to a content creator role. While she has left the active squad, it is not a definitive change, as the team General Manager told

According to Victor "Ink", daria can still go back to competing if she wants, either with the Angels or a different organization.

The Ukrainian player told that she is focusing on life outside the servers for the time being, but isn't also ruling out a comeback to the competitive scene. She expressed that she "would be happy to join an existing competitive team or create [her] own".

daria recently played for Nouns fe during an ESL Impact Cash Cup as a substitute, while Limitless Angels used three subs of their own after also parting ways with Robin "rbn" Bondari and Kiki "PiggyKiki" Long.

In a recent article posted on Limitless' official website, Ink talked about the team's shortcomings during ESL Impact Season 5 and ESEA Intermediate Season 48, mentioning roster changes that were "inevitable". A rebuild seems to be in order for the Angels, which means their ESL Impact S6 NA invite is in danger.

At the time of publication, Limitless Angels are currently boasting a 9-0 record on ESEA IM Season 49, having started the season with daria, rbn, and PiggyKiki, but changing players at the end of April. So far, no change is official, according to the team's GM.

Currently, the squad consists of:

  • United States Lydia "Fawx" Dalton

  • United States Mira "mira" Luna

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