Dust2.us' EPL S19 Fantasy Winners

Three stages means three victors!

MOUZ lift the trophy in Malta and so do three of Dust2.us' audience members! We've run three separate fantasy events over the course of the tournament, one for Groups A&B, Groups C&D, and Playoffs.

If you want to take part in Dust2.us' Fantasy Leagues in the future, join the community Discord and grab the Fantasy role to be notified of future events!

Groups A & B

1st: 594 points, All hail King Malbs by United States j1t5
2nd: 513 points, Team7is by Denmark Whoop_woop
3rd: 502 points, reeeeed by wormi

Groups C & D

1st: 622 points, Gun Store by Canada dAnk7
2nd: 571 points, BritDeadRose by United States BritDeadRose
3rd: 569 points, Ruspexlox by odi22

Playoff Stage

1st: 253 points, Lpzade by lpzade
2nd: 234 points, OVVY94 by morfies123
3rd: 228 points, Gun Store by Canada dAnk7

Winners of our fantasies receive a Fantasy Winner role in the Discord as well as a nifty badge to sport on their Dust2.us profile. They also get bragging rights but that's another story. Sign up for the community Discord and play today!

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