Red Wolves enlist UK player

SummY comes in as a replacement for Retnuh on short notice.

Less than a week into their ESL Challenger League Season 43 campaign, Louisville Red Wolves have seen a change come to pass in their lineup. Their most recent addition, Hunter "Retnuh" Holm, stepped down from the lineup on November 10th while the team have brought in British player Owen "SummY" Mustard to replace him.

The addition of SummY will likely raise some eyebrows as fielding a player with a ping disadvantage is considered foolish at best. However, SummY tells that he recently completed a move to Canada, which nullifies that issue. SummY's European experience includes a few matches in ESEA Advanced, ESL Premiership, and curiously the Icelandic Esports League.

Back in mid-2020, SummY also coached NA team Trivium/Warriors International for around a month in ESEA MDL Season 34. While this isn't the most comprehensive NA bona fides, it does mean he has some NA street cred. Louisville Red Wolves will likely look to SummY to revitalize their team after a rough start to the season, taking one-sided losses to ATK and Nouns.

In other Louisville Red Wolves related news, Dennis "Pukha" Bean has taken over as coach of the team, having replaced Antonio “AJ2k” Garcia in an unannounced move on October 17th. Pukha previously coached Unjustified prior to their demise.

Louisville Red Wolves are now:

  • United States Sam "sam" Donaldson

  • United States Kameron "K4mr0" Bouma

  • United States John "Fatality" Owens

  • United States Xavier "Locke" Barth

  • Owen "SummY" Mustard

  • United States Dennis "Pukha" Bean (Coach)

SummY will make his NA player debut on Wednesday when Red Wolves take on Villainous at 08:00PM.

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November 14, 2022 03:58PM
Uk cs?!? 🤢
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Didn’t know they could get any worse
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November 14, 2022 06:48PM
Bad News Bears
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November 15, 2022 07:31AM
What is a summy
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November 15, 2022 11:35AM
No way bros last name is “Mustard”
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