The crowd at IEM Rio has been one of the loudest and most active to date

ESL removes fan for threats

In a statement sent to the press, ESL confirmed the fan was removed due to threats.

Brazilian fans are some of the most passionate fans that we have seen in CS:GO but it appears that one fan has gone too far. On the final day of the Challengers Stage at the Riocentro, a fan was removed for cursing and making offensive gestures, according to Dust2 Brasil. The individual was a 16-year-old student who was removed by security and is no longer able to enter the arena throughout the day.

In a conversation with Dust2 Brasil, the fan has said that he has interacted with foreign players since Monday and that the players would even respond with jokes as well. He was unclear who asked to have him removed and that it happened at the beginning of the Vitality versus OG matchup.

ESL confirmed that the person was removed due to such conduct.

"The fan was removed by security for constant verbal and physical threats that were sent directly to the teams on the opening days of the event. Which ultimately led to him being removed. "

The teenager stated that he was unaware if the request was made by the players on the teams or if it was from any member from a previous team that he interacted with in the last two days. When talking to Dust2 Brasil he said;

"I arrived to support Vitality, I cursed OG a little. And then, at the first pistol, two security men arrived asking me to leave, because someone asked me to leave, saying they wouldn't play with me up front"

The student believes that he was probably removed for mimicking a sliced neck, also known as a "Grim Reaper" when he moved his finger across his throat. He iterates that it was simply a joke and not meant to be taken seriously.

"They got it wrong. Apparently, it was the reaper's gesture that made me be taken away from the Major. The guys took it with malice, they didn't understand it was a joke,"

The young fan explains that since he has been expelled from the Riocentro he is sorry for his conduct but also says that if he hadn't been punished, he would probably would have carried on.

"If you ask me now, I will say that I regret it, because I was expelled. But I would continue, (cursing) yes, a little less, for sure. I would continue to support Brazil"

Brazilian fans are known to be chanting offensive slogans in the audience and will need to ensure that their conduct does not cross a line that makes foreign players uncomfortable as ESL has taken its first action against a crowd member.

Edit: A previous version of the story said that the spectator was removed at the request of a team. ESL has confirmed the individual was simply removed for threats and not at the request of any player or team.

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November 3, 2022 04:20PM
Stop joking about threats
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November 3, 2022 11:01PM
it was bound to happen at some point
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