Infinite and co. are one step closer to returning to ECL

University becomes first collegiate squad to make Relegation

This marks the furthest a collegiate squad has gotten in the ESEA league system to date.

With the playoffs of ESEA Advanced Season 41 well underway, ONET4P and Davenport University each picked up their third win in the postseason, qualifying them for the upcoming ECL Season 41 Relegation. Davenport University came back from a map deficit to beat Luxe out for the relegation spot, while ONET4P put a halt to Victorum's impressive playoff run in order to reach relegation.

The first match of the day, between ONET4P and Victorum, kicked off on the latter squad's pick of Overpass, where despite an early back-and-forth start ONET4P was in control for the vast majority of the first half. ONET4P put up a staggeringly strong defense, claiming thirteen rounds thanks to a phenomenal 2.38 CT-side rating from Logan "Voltage" Long. Victorum snagged the second pistol round, but it did little to stop the bleeding as ONET4P stole away Victorum's pick 16-4.

The first half of ONET4P's pick of Inferno was strikingly similar to the first half of Overpass, with the map starting out fairly close before ONET4P started to run away with the game. Strong performances on the T-side from Gage "Infinite" Green and Tianyi "Fr3nk1e" He allowed ONET4P to go from a 3-3 scoreline to an 11-4 lead by the end of the half.

Victorum again managed to secure the second pistol round, and this time they managed to do more with it, stringing together five rounds straight to cut ONET4P's lead to only two rounds. With Victorum beginning to close in, ONET4P finally found their footing, shutting out Victorum for most of the rest of the half to claim Inferno 16-10, securing their spot in relegation.

2 - 0
All maps
ONET4P K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Gage 'Infinite' Green 42 - 24 +18 104.2 93.5% 1.61
United States Logan 'Voltage' Long 39 - 19 +20 92.2 84.8% 1.56
Tianyi 'Fr3nk1e' He 41 - 19 +22 80.1 82.6% 1.44
United States Dylan 'SATURN' Finch 29 - 24 +5 72.3 71.7% 1.11
United States Jack 'xCeeD' Holiman 26 - 24 +2 62.4 76.1% 1.07
Victorum K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Dacoda 'pengnax' St. Louis 34 - 33 +1 80.8 67.4% 1.09
United States Isaac 'Izik' Zeigler 21 - 37 -16 53.8 54.3% 0.67
United States James 'JAM' H. 20 - 36 -16 47.5 54.3% 0.63
United States Max 'SolGoat' Wallace 18 - 34 -16 49.2 54.3% 0.62
United States Austin 'Sway' Pollock 16 - 39 -23 54.6 47.8% 0.54

Meanwhile, Davenport University had a far tougher match before locking down their relegation spot. Their series against Luxe began on Davenport's pick of Vertigo, where Luxe thrashed the collegiate squad on the CT-side to take a strong 12-3 lead. Luxe continued their winning ways in the second half, snagging the first three rounds off the back of a second pistol round victory, putting the team on match point. Davenport found some life, putting up four rounds on their defense, but it was simply far too late as Luxe finished Vertigo 16-7.

The Panthers looked far more awake on their opponent's pick of Overpass, overturning an initial 6-2 deficit with a streak of round wins which saw the collegiate side lead 9-6 by the switch. Despite the strong start, things quickly began falling apart for Spencer "Pugg" Moore and company on the T-side, seeing Luxe go on a seven-round spree to retake the lead. With their backs against the wall, Davenport University managed to dig deep, taking five of the remaining six rounds to snatch away Overpass 16-14 and tie the series.

Spurred on by this hard-fought victory, Davenport kept up the pressure once Nuke got underway, seeing William "spek" Smith spearhead his side to a 9-6 lead by the end of his team's offensive effort. With the wind in their sails, Davenport University continued on with their winning ways, adding seven rounds to their foes' two on the CT-side to take Nuke 16-8 to book their place in relegation.

1 - 2
Davenport University
All maps
Luxe K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Shane 'shane' Dressler 65 - 48 +17 85.0 75.3% 1.22
United States Wyatt 'snav' Phillippi 57 - 50 +7 89.2 74.0% 1.19
United States Derek 'dare' Brown 53 - 60 -7 72.9 71.4% 1.06
United States Fern 'intra' Hak 50 - 59 -9 72.4 61.0% 0.91
Dwight 'Calix' Nguyen 41 - 58 -17 59.8 68.8% 0.80
Davenport University K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States William 'spek' Smith 72 - 60 +12 100.0 71.4% 1.32
United States Collin 'CoJoMo' Moren 54 - 49 +5 76.3 72.7% 1.15
United States Spencer 'Pugg' Moore 54 - 56 -2 80.9 76.6% 1.11
United States Tommy 'corn' Eckhart 54 - 49 +5 75.4 74.0% 1.08
United States Brandon 'BeBO' Miller 38 - 54 -16 53.0 67.5% 0.82

The next set of matches are:

Lower Bracket

Upper Bracket

Detonate vs Snakes Den
Philadelphia Liberty vs Northern Forces

Davenport University vs ONET4P

The winner of each Lower Bracket game will go on to face Luxe and Victorium, respectively.

The full bracket can be viewed here.

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