Ancient tweaks & M4A1-S nerf among other changes in CS:GO update

After nearly nine months, the M4A1-S has finally been toned down.

Late last night, Valve released a sizeable update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, introducing a variety of changes to the map Ancient, as well Inferno and Vertigo, along with a nerf to the M4A1-S.

Players will be pleased to see that the M4A1-S is finally receiving changes, as many have been critical of the weapon's dominance following a damage buff for the gun in September 2021. Rather than tweaking the damage values once again, Valve has instead opted to decrease the magazine size of the rifle, decreasing the number of bullets from 25 to 20. Additionally, the number of bullets in reserve has seen a slight increase, from 75 to 80. Hopefully, these changes will be enough to see people begin reconsidering the M4A4 as a viable alternative.

Another significant aspect of this update is that a number of changes have been made to Ancient. Modifications to the map include more cover being provided around the pillar on B site, the removal of the stack of boxes outside Cave that previously blocked a sightline from Middle, and the removal of one of the entrances to Temple. In addition, the ground was smoothed in a variety of places, while light emitting from light sources like candles and lanterns was also improved.

New Inferno bomb radius (when planted for maximize damage) [credit: u/ZaNe_ClaNe]

The final changes of note in this update are to the maps Inferno and Vertigo. Inferno's changes see the bomb detonation radius increase dramatically, and as a consequence, many spots utilized by saving players are no longer safe from the bomb explosion. Most notably, the famous Dosia nade corner is no longer a safe place to sit when the bomb is planted default on the A site. A visual representation of the new bomb radius made by Reddit user ZaNe_ClaNe is pictured above.

In regards to the Vertigo changes, the map saw the removal of a pixel boost on A ramp popularized by Levitate during their match against Cyberstorm in Season 40 of ESEA Advanced.

Those interested in viewing the full list of changes can do so here.

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