peacemaker absolved of ESIC cheating suspension

The coach is now free to compete according to his video explaination.

Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu has today announced that the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) have lifted his provisional suspension and all intentions to charge him with cheating have been dropped. The news comes following talks between ESIC and peacemaker's lawyer, where the coach was able to prove he did not pass-on information to the players.

peacemaker was originally suspended in early-May just prior to the PGL Antwerp Major as part of the second wave of coach-spectating bug abuse bans. He was not charged at the time and was only provisionally suspended while ESIC finalized his charge documents which were set to carry a ban duration of up-to 2 years under cheating codes 2.4.4 and 2.4.5.

Valve and PGL also ratified the suspensions almost immediately after their announcement by ESIC, stating that the suspended coaches would be prohibited from participating in the Antwerp Major. No further comment was made by PGL or Valve regarding future suspensions from Majors, likely due to Valve wishing to wait for the charges to be finalized first.

Although peacemaker's provisional suspension for cheating has been lifted, peacemaker does not explain how or why he was able to prove that he did not pass information to the players. ESIC have also not release any statement or made any comments regarding the announcement at the time of publication.

The further 49 coaches also indefinitely suspended, including Sergey "hally" Shavayev and Rafael "zakk" Fernandes, remain so while they await their charges to still be finalized for abuses of the static-view bug. On top of that, another 47 coaches are also still waiting for their charges in regards to the third-person view bug which are set to handed out as 30 day bans per instance.

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